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Patricia Playing an Antique Tibetan Singing bowl

Patricia Playing an Antique Tibetan Singing bowl

Welcome & thank you for visiting my website. I'm delighted to be able to introduce you to the magical healing and relaxing qualities of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sacred Sound and Energy Healing

I have some questions for you:

    • Do you feel blocked, or stuck?
    • Is stress and anxiety preventing you from living the life that you would like to live?
    • Do you have past emotional traumas or beliefs that may be holding you back?
    • Do you have difficulty sleeping, or suffer from headaches/fatigue?
    • Do you find yourself lacking in enthusiasm, energy and vibrancy?
    • Do you have a child with Autism, ADHD on the spectrum or with Special Needs who needs peace?
    • Would your workplace be described as a stressful environment? 
    • Would you like to learn more about Tibetan Singing Bowls?
    • Are you interested in Sound Therapy?
    • Would you like to train to become a Sound Therapist? 

Have you answered yes to any of the above questions? 

If so, look no further! You've come to the right place. Over the past three years I have worked with people, both on a one-to-one basis and in meditative groups to help remove and clear issues like these and many more.

I believe that Tibetan Singing Bowls, and indeed Sound Therapy is the best way for you to find balance, happiness, better health and a brighter outlook. The power of Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls combined alongside some of the other holistic therapies I engage in will help to transform your life and restore you back to harmony! Would you like to know more?

Contact me today on 087 1316826 to arrange your “getting to know you” call and find out how I can help you relief all of this and much more.


Tanya 2013

I felt nurtured and ‘held’ within the session. On leaving the building I noticed that I appeared to feel lighter and more grounded then before. The trauma that had previously felt unbearable had become bearable. – Tanya 2013

Hannah, 2013

As a nurse I regularly get a Tibetan bowl session to re aligning my energy body (physically, mentally  & emotionally) and receiving the resonance from the bowls is soothing to my soul. – Hannah 2013

Tom 2013
Thanks so much for the amazing treatment yesterday. I slept so well last night and woke up feeling really good today, full of energy and feeling really balanced.  - Tom 2013
Niamh 2013
My daughter, of 6 years, has benefited tremendously from Patricia’s treatment since November 2012. Patricia is able to communicate with her although she is non-verbal. The sessions have helped her to be calmer and have released some issues which were affecting her, and they also provided a positive, healing outlet of expression . I myself have been a client and have experienced the gift of the bowls.  - Niamh 2013

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