I just said goodbye to my clients!

I just quit one to one work

I’m tying up loose ends

Saying good bye1511055_499101733566450_35427575043871279_n

I’ve LOVED working with people – I’ve LOVED this journey but I never set out to be a ‘Healer’ it wasn’t intentional.. I kind of came upon me and it felt right…

But I know that the way I was doing it wasn’t working for me (NOT the healing!)

For the life that I want to have, for the way that I want my life to LOOK and BE!

It’s scary as hell as what do I do NOW? Where do I earn money? Make a Living? Whats my job title? It was easy when I said I was a yoga teacher… everyone understood… then I quit yoga teaching…. Then I had to COME OUT and say I’m a HEALER? Now I quit it..

But what I really am is a TRANSFORMER an ALCHEMIST – I help people get on their their true path in LIFE –

I can’t say I will NEVER do one to one healing again but I CAN say that I will not loose these tools and that I FEEL like I have MORE to offer in this world – that I CAN help MORE people on a BIGGER scale and I have to be TRUE to ME and my CALLING – I’ve got massive tool kit that will and do HELP people to heal themselves, to clear their past – it’s all about trusting that

It’s not just about helping people find ‘the ONE’ it’s about helping people get into alignment get onto their TRUE PATH – to teach them how to listen to spirit, how to manifest their dreams, how to unearth their dreams..

I’m taking the STEPS to create a LIFE I LOVE, working with and inspiring people my way 🙂 seeing and co – creating MAGIC

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