Yesterday I invited to visit a café restaurant that was 11083916_870397839684259_6710374711309722735_nhaving a soft opening…. the restaurant an institution in Galway is on the cusp of a revolution and Galway city won’t know what hit it. Gill Carroll is a revolutionary she is a visionary and a woman I’m so pleased to say a friend of mine.

She first hit the ‘food’ scene in Galway when she boldly opened the café 37 West she invested every penny she had, begged & borrowed to make her vision to create a hub that would epitomize the tag line ‘Healthy is the New Sexy’ people wondered who this woman was but little did they know she had been in the food and business scene in Galway for years and ran a great place in Edinburgh for years. … 37 West was a revolution … the food has been recognised by the top foodies in Ireland and recognised her commitment to great food and fabulous service.

Yesterday as I walked into 56 Central, I thought about the first time I’d been in that café that opened many moons back as Lynchs Café – I remember the bowl of strawberries and cream that I devoured that day.….. There was a new vibe a zest of imagination, love and sincere ‘spirituality’ (which warmed my heart!) and is sure to warm the heart of Galwegians…. YES Heart.. yes the place is in the heart of Galway, on shop street and a picture of a heart is the first thing to you see… the restaurant has four areas and the motto and them of the place uncanny – connection, growth, inspiration, love and healing. The staff are embellished with uniforms with the mantra – GRATEFUL (my current buzz)… I see this place as creating a hub for community, a heart that will bring people together, nourish their bellies and their souls….

We are the sum of the people that we surround ourselves, surrounding yourself by Gill and her enthusiastic staff you won’t go wrong! I was delighted to be welcomed to do a space clearing, clearing away the old and welcoming the new was my calling to support Gill in her opening and her new venture which is a business with SOUL and LOVE… all I’ve referred to is the spirit, décor and imagination …the thing is the warm brown bread and creamy chowder and spicy chicken superfood salad were all oozzzing that SOUL and LOVE too.

Gill had a dream many years ago to have a cafe in that exact location… we sat and hatched plans together about other mad adventures – Santa Race Running through the city?? …

The moral of the story is she has worked, dreamed and created… does take GUTS, it does take ACTION, it does take LOVE and PASSION but if you are in alignment and Gill certainly is  –  Dreams do come true…. WE can ALL do it… We all start at the same place just an idea in our heads… and dreams can come true…

Check on 56 Central when you are in Galway.. you won’t be disappointed.

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