A year ago today I danced down the aisle to Will Pharell – ‘Happy’. This unexpected first song of the wedding was to set the tone for what we had co-created to celebrate the coming together of our relationship. I’ve wanted to share this blog for a while.

It was by far the most magical day of my entire life… and I have had my fair share of them and a year later our married life has been an unconventional as our wedding was – finished our house, moved to India, quit India, started to new life in Bali, where we will return to the end of September…  today I want to share insights about making your dreams come true & my lessons from event planning our wedding!

From the day that we got engaged we knew we wanted to do something different. We had a nine-hour drive the next day along the gold coast in Australia so had plenty of time talk and note what we wanted, on a scrap of paper I jotted down all of our ideas whilst Ken drove.

We knew the feeling of the vibe we wanted for the day – Connection – Fun – Great Food – Incredible Music (I know, isn’t that what everyone wants from their wedding?) but we really really wanted it to reflect Ken and I and every single part of who we are.

We knew that this wedding would go against the grain especially when Ken requested that he arrive on a white horse (he didn’t)

Going against the grain or the ‘norm’ is my usual but at times it can be challenging – it usually attract a lot more questioning from others, or at the least, certainly more doubts.

That day we figured the wedding would be in our garden. It felt SO right, but we certainly did NOT see the gargantuan task ahead of us.

It was A LOT of work…

The unseen stuff: emptying the sheep shed out (yes we used a sheep shed for our evening venue), cleaning, painting, completing our own house, driveway, gardening, mulching and making signs, never mind the ENDLESS trips to Ikea, collecting couches from Freecycle, cleaning jam jars, etc.

Upon reflection I would NOT have changed a single thing.

The journey was as rewarding as the end day.

The transformation in the shed from stinky sheep shed to glamorous fairy lit boho wedding venue was fun, and challenging but so fulfilling.

Even when others doubted us – “My Daughter is getting married in a Sheep Shed? Why could she not have a ‘normal’ wedding in a hotel?”

We continued focusing on our vision.

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WE HAD A VISION and we were going to do EVERYTHING we possibly could do to fulfil it.

Even if you’re not event planning your wedding, I believe the exact same tactics are required for creating ANYTHING NEW in your life. Whether it’s setting up a new business, looking for a new job or trying to attract love into your life.

Have a CLEAR VISION:  what do you want?

We wanted our day EXACTLY according to our plan.

What do you want it to feel like? What’s the outcome?

We wanted to HAVE FUN and everyone else to have the exact same! We wanted to SURPRISE people!

Where do you start?

Write a list (backwards… start at the END and jot everything you will need to bring this end result into reality)… I’m a list queen. On the days leading up to the wedding- I had a list of lists!

Have FAITH (unwavering faith)

Our day was focused around a day in our garden. I began to lose count of the times people asked what about the weather? What’s your Plan B?

Fact was there was no Plan B. That’s exactly what I responded every time I was asked even when the rain was pouring from the heavens two days before our day.

TRUST your instincts

Even if others doubt it. I knew I wanted the Karaoke Caravan, a WHHAHAAATT ??  Yes an old school Caravan kitted out head to toe with glitter ball, lights and Karaoke screen.  Ken was Soooooo resistant…  it was the biggest hit ever.. mobbed all day & night!

Indian Buffet for your main course? Yes? Some people don’t like Indian? Let them eat cake 🙂 Very Marie Antoinette of me.

Continue taking ACTION.

Even if you have numerous balls in the air, just take one action each day towards this vision, no matter how tricky it can be. I was juggling running my business, the B&B, and running an online challenge at the same time.

Step back every now and again and enjoy the ride.

It was SO much fun seeing it all come together, all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.

Ask for Help – Reach OUT – SO many people offered to help and instead of saying no we don’t need your help, we responded differently, yes thank you, could you do this?

From putting up bunting, baking cakes, carting bales of hay, making cheese platters, setting tables, blowing up balloons, singing at the ceremony, collecting furniture to mulching the garden. We surrendered and let people help. This solidified my knowledge we can’t do anything without support from family, friends and the community.  The wedding brought so many people together to co-create the magic.

What if something goes wrong?

Breathe and take immediate action to fix it! Everything works out perfectly.

ESPECIALLY if you are taking action from your HEART with LOVE.

As we poured endless love and energy into the creation of our day, we received the exact back in ENDLESS amounts.

The morning of the wedding when our house was totally calm and I was ready to go, I peeped out the window to see everyone enjoying tea and scones before the ceremony. The day had finally arrived, the sun was shining and it was EXACTLY my vision being fulfilled.

You can watch the video of our wedding day here!

Sometimes we get stuck along the journey of making our dreams happen. Fear holds us back from expressing ourselves, of admitting what we want in our world.

We are blocked and feel like we are trudging through the muck slowly and not getting closer to our vision. If you feel like this in your life or business and fancy having a chat how I can help you move forward with clarity, grace and ease attracting whatever it is into your life let’s have a chat and see if and how I can help you

If you want to see more, this is the photographer’s take on the day.

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