It’s been an amazing few weeks as I launched the Love Mission and the WOMEN who participated BLEW me away.. I spent LOADS of time and effort putting together the videos and plotting & planning some of the missions..

If you weren’t following it.. all the women really made HUGE difference in their LIVES and took ACTION..


Today, this synchronistic meeting certainly affirmed I’m on the right track… which bring me to …  this weeks EPISODE of Parashakti TV – with my accomplice Marley getting the first word in! 

Where I talk about – different levels of cleansing old thought forms, taking action and the inspirational ladies on the Love Mission!

Enjoy the insights from the SHOW and here are some of the great  AH ha moments from the Love Mission were so INCREDIBLE!

Do share the Show if you think that anyone would LOVE it! 

My Aha moment: I was telling a friend about ‪#thelovemission‬ and buying 2 egg cups instead of one. I was telling her that I needed an egg cup for me, but #thelovemission reminded to buy 2. Anyway my friend (who has always been surrounded by a ‘natural’ abundance of friends, creativity, people are drawn towards her very easily) said she would always buy more that one of anything… she said she would always need another few for other people, or put one more helping in the pot if she was cooking for someone who might call…and she has always been open and inviting, Her home is a place where you can call around at any time for tea and a chat. I realise that I have just been doing things in the singular and now I need to think for the plural!

Aha moments.. making the space in my home …The bedside table…empty…always had an empty under bed but with all the fuss with house on market had put loads of stuff under it… managed to fill 4 bags of clothes to give away.. and discovered man’s dressing gown which my latest ! ex used to wear ..which I put away thinking he would be back…It is gone ! Hooray. I am good at talking the talk but not always doing the action. A HUGE thanks to Patricia And all of you here and especially my accomplice.. There have been a few tears over this time… cleansing healing tears. This all has felt so right and such good timing…well done you all. Inspiring. The future… bring it on !!! Le gra, from someone who had more or less given up on love a few months ago….

My aha moment was the pairing task. Everything in my house was in threes, I think symbolising myself and my 2 daughters. So I’ve now got lots of pairs. Also, the clearing out task, I realised I had no colourful knickers – all black, white & cream, very practical and boring!! I’ve been busy buying colours and can’t seem to stop clearing out stuff

My AHA moment was on mission 3. I went to the park for a walk and spotted a man my age walking his dog and I thought perfect but I bottled it and kept walking, I was giving out to myself when l seen him walking straight for me, instead of stopping him I took a right turn off the path to avoid him. I continued around the park still giving out to myself and who should I see, the man walking his dog coming in my direction and I let him walk straight by. I sat on a bench for ages thinking is this what I’m doing, walking the other direction or taking a turn to avoid Mr Right when the universe keeps putting him right in front off me.. it gave me food for thought.‪#thelovemission‬

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