I posted this on Facebook about two weeks ago… I couldn’t sleep after the most energizing, inspirational and amazing weekend…
Feeling excited & optimistic about our country & our future..amazing two days hearing the most inspirational & dynamic people of our country speak… We can do anything we put our minds too… Out of hard rock up against a wall comes diamonds… TedxDublin & Trailblazers… Amazing!
This image below of Gandhis Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World … pretty much gives a synopsis of the messages from all the speakers at both the Ted Talks and Trailblazers… My excitement was because there were so many people up on the stage talking about amazing things happening in our country and around the world and they are not just talking it is happening!! and it doesn’t need to be on a big scale…. we cans start with ourselves and our passions..
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