The past month has been super busy but uber dramatic for me too… As I type this message I can SEE! Yes no glasses & no contact lenses I got the surgery done less than a week ago!  Ok so I’ve always been and still am an advocate of BIG Dreams! but I learn’t a lot about them this week!

On the morning of the op I realised that I was eleven years old I’ve wanted to have laser eye surgery, I know it’s a regular op & loads of people get it done every day but this is one of my dreams & I didn’t realise until now it is scary!!! The operation was a tiny detail, over in a flash and given the drops..

Little did I realise to actually achieve this big dream that it would be painful (yes!) uncomfortable and I wasn’t the happiest camper for the first two days but it suddenly dawned on me AH HA! Physically my eyes were making some major adjustments but as the common mantra goes no pain no gain, it’s like any dream, we have to feel the fear, pain, discomfort,(the why the hell have I just done this freak out moments) to only a few days later with nearly 20/20 vision. This reflected well for me in the wonderful symbolism of the lotus flower in Buddhism.

The lotus flower represents one symbol of fortune (abundance, great sight!) in Buddhism. It grows in muddy water (dirty dark and not so pretty), and it is this environment that gives forth the flower’s first and most literal meaning: rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment.


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