Ok the Countdown is SERIOUSLY ON
The wedding is just around the corner and I’m not a bit daunted – actually the truth is I haven’t really had much time to think about it..and I really really want to enjoy the journey to the wedding..
I realised that I’ve been SO busy with everything that I was on track to becoming exhausted and instead of dancing up the Aisle I’d be pulled up it by my Dad from tiredness!! 

SO I’ve had a bit of an inspiration and I’m wondering if you’re interested in coming on a mission with me?? To become a little more vibrant, inspired, happier & healthier…   What’s with me and the missions.. well I did the LOVE Mission it was SO much fun (for the single ladies) BUT now I want do something different! Yes – this is OPEN to all the LADIES.. to come along with me for Click HERE to get the free links… 30 DAYS of Fabulous 

Today’s Parashakti TV is all about when I went to talk to a man about a stone.. I got more than I expected.. ENJOY –

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Patricia xxx

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