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Operation FS

Ready to FINALLY attract the Life of your dreams?

Ready for some transformation?

Do you ever get fed up by…

  • Feeling stuck?
  • Life not looking like you hoped it would?
  • Things not going your way?

Or ever feel like…

  • You’ve been on a hamster wheel in life, getting the same results over and over?
  • You don’t know how or where to start in changing your life?

Listen up. It’s time to rewrite your own life on your own terms! It’s NOT too late.

Why? Because this is YOUR life. And you really can make huge shifts (or small) in your life?

Here are just some of the things I hear from women all the time, no matter how smart or accomplished they are:

I don’t know where to start.

I’ve gone too far in the direction I’m going !

I’m so unlucky.

I have a good life, I should just be happy with that.

I’ve already done the law of attraction stuff, and I it hasn’t worked.

 Do you sometimes wish you had a pocket guide to transforming the energy of your life?

Something to walk you through all the dos and the don’ts before you do or don’t do them? A sort of manual to fall back on when in doubt? Or perhaps someone to show you the way?


Feng Shui

Operation Transformation

A Six Week LIVE Online course designed to help you re-energise your home and life to manifest the life of your dreams.

You CAN create change in your life!

I’ve seen it happen for myself and so many women that I’ve worked with. And I know I can make it happen for you, too. As simple as it might sound, the one insight that will transform your life.

The real obstacles to attracting life of your dreams has to do with the ENVIRONMENT you spend your time in.

If your home is not supporting you – you will never feel supported or create what you want in your life.

It’s really that simple.

And I’ll show you exactly how to do it with my proven, practical and spiritual approach to re-energising your life.

Don’t spend another year just wishing for change TAKE IT NOW!

I want YOU to have the tools and faith to know that you absolutely can change what you’ve been attracting into your life.

And you can absolutely do it while being YOURSELF.

“A life changing course with amazing tools that will help you look at yourself and your life through different eyes. Seemingly easy exercises, but ones that work and have powerfully positive effects. You will become more aware of, face and release all that is holding you back from finding love. It has changed my life in all aspects, energy, and thoughts as well as brought great insights. All brought to us by the wonderful Patricia, who is so positive, jolly, helpful and passionate.” Olive

What will YOU get out of Feng Shui Operation Transformation?


Money, Relationships, Career, Health, Family… & SO MUCH MORE…

You will have the tools you need to

  • Cleanse the Energy of your Home
  • Get rid of overwhelm
  • Recognise the different ‘Feng Shui’ areas of your life.  

You will allow yourself to:

  • Be open to giving, receiving and manifesting new opportunities into your life
  • View the past as just part of the story
  • Free yourself of the clutter

You will feel:

  • More confident about yourself and your life
  • Focused about creating a space in harmony & alignment with your dreams
  • Excited about the new energy in life
  • Lighter, brighter and happier, knowing your home is supporting you


  • Magnetic to your Dreams
  • Impetus & Energy to Move Forward towards your dreams
  • Get UNSTUCK – Happier
  • Healthier
  • More Abundant (yes feng shui is all about money too!)
  • Vibrant for Life…More energy
  • Home that sparks Joy
  • Environment that supports you & your dreams
  • Unexpected Miracles unfolding …

Earlier this year I contacted Ken & Patricia for Feng Shui consultation. The results were amazing and life transforming. My life has improved in all areas and continues to do so. I’ve read many books on Feng Shui however the personal experiences of actually having a professionals Feng Shui Experts cast their eye on my home I could never have gotten from books, it was individual and unique to me. I was very impressed by Ken & Patricas work, for me it was immensely therapeutical & healing & also life changing. It gave me great clarity on why things in my life were the way they were and how to alter things to bring in what I wanted. My energy and enthusiasm soared immediately, and I so enjoyed making the changes necessary..Its like I walked out my front door and stepped back into a complete new property and a new me. I have’nt been the same since. I personally could not recommend Ken and Patricia highly enough, they are warm, understanding, professional. Feng Shui is a must for anyone who wants a better life in any area. It is powerfull.
A million thanks Ken & Patricia. Catherine , Co. Meath 

“I really enjoyed the course so much, and I feel like it has changed my life for a better good. From doing the course, I realised how much I needed to let go in order to allow new things to come into my life, and honestly from doing the recommended exercises I have felt a transformational shift in all that I do. Patricia is SO amazing, and her positive energy is contagious and can’t make you but smile from deep inside. Patricia has such a beautiful inspirational way about her, and I am SO thankful that I had the opportunity to take the time and empower myself and my life and welcome all that comes to me now. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for TRANSFORMATION!” Ruth 

Why I Created the Feng Shui Operation Transformation

This isn’t just a course. It’s part of my calling. And I would LOVE to share it with you.

Hi! I’m Patricia Parashakti Lohan, Patricia-Lohan--PopupAlly

I’m Transformational Love & Life Mentor,

Known as the Love & Life Alchemist

I live, breathe and eat feng shui, I look at houses differently, I make comment about mirrors, I notice clutter, I can make judgements on whats going on in a house through hearing a story.
Since we started implementing Feng Shui into our LIVES – miracles have unfolded.. it’s like a magic wand… A home that supports us in every decision that we make. That feeds our souls energetically, emotionally & spiritually.

Like we are flowing down river and not battling up stream.

I love going to people homes and seeing how a few simple changes CAN make a huge difference.

To all areas : Money, Relationships, Career, Health, Family… & SO MUCH MORE…

WARNING:  Just learning the tools is not the answer – FENG SHUI is NOT a quick FIX – you do have to take ACTION take TIME & FOCUS to make the changes to become aware of each of the areas in your home.

I would highly recommend Patricia & Ken as a Feng Shui practitioners. What a transformative experience! The counsel I received was exceptional. They helped me see my apartment with fresh eyes, and gently suggested small, medium and radical changes, all of which have resulted in increased energy and positivity.  Since working with Patricia & Ken I’ve made many of the changes she suggested and I’m feeling renewed in my home and also inspired about life. Thank you. John B, Dublin .

Does this sound like what you want in your life? 

Transform Your Life through Feng Shui Now

  SIX Week LIVE Course  



Upgrade & Get One Year’s Access to My Inner Circle:

Parashakti Community

Saving $192


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I want Feng Shui Course & Parashakti Community:

Single Payment ($444)

Payment Plan (2 x $246 monthly)

I want Feng Shui Course Only:

Single Payment ($297)

Payment Plan (2 x $197 monthly)

What you’ll receive as part of this course:

  • SIX LIVE Lessons delivered weekly via videos, workbooks, templates, meditations and worksheets that you can revisit again and again. One Hour Lesson
  • SIX LIVE Q&A Sessions delivered after the training session. Q&A approx 1hour
  • Inspiring bonus resources for each module, including articles, recommended books, blogs, videos, websites, tools and more that allow you to go deeper into the key concepts of this program.
  • Membership to The Operation Transformation Facebook Group, a.k.a., your very own tribe of women who are on the same journey as you and have a wealth of information and personal experience to share. In this group, you can ask questions, brainstorm ideas, share your discoveries, reach goals, and have “a-ha” moments! (Value? Priceless.)
  • Access to Me & Ken in the forum to answer your questions about the content, tools and journey. I regularly share additional and EXCLUSIVE resources and advice with this group and provide year-round support (only while the course live).
  • Lifetime Access to the content, which means once you’ve purchased it, you can watch it as you like and you will be able to use in all areas of your life
  • Momentum in your life that can only be achieved by participating in a life-changing course such as this one. You’ll be AMAZED at what you can achieve, the abundance of love you can create, and the incredible changes it will bring to your life. (Value? Priceless.)
  • PERSONALISED Feedback on photos of your home Space
  • The ULTIMATE Feng Shui Checklist for your home
  • Opportunity to Upgrade to Personalised Feng Shui Consult on your home

We will cover ALL the aspects that will take to bring your home to Harmony and to support you and your dreams into reality through Feng Shui!

We will look at ALL the NINE areas of the home – Love & Marriage, Career, Life Direction, Family & Community, Prosperity.  As you Harmonise the space – energetically you will create a home and LIFE that supports you and creates miracles… 

How do you know this course is right for you?

Sure, there’s loads of feng shui advice and confidence tips out there for getting your house together… but this is comprehensive bringing it all together in one forum.                                                                                

You should sign up for this course if …

  • You’re looking to create your dreams into reality and you’re willing to do the work to achieve this goal.
  • You’re fed up, confused and shut down to your dream life & your home isn’t supporting you.
  • You feel stuck and want the tools to free yourself so you can move forward in your life.
  • You want to release your past and move forward with joy.
  • You love your life, but also know there is more out there to make it even better
  • You have a passion for learning about this AMAZING tool – the Art of Feng Shui


And you should look elsewhere if…

  • You’re looking for a quick fix solution change you life
  • You’re unwilling to make changes in your home
  • You’re seeking a passive course with a quick fix solution.
  • You don’t believe in anything ‘woo woo’

Patricia, I’m having one of those ‘How does it get any better than this?!” week. Every time I do something with you, my life goes nuts in the best, funnest most crazily successful ways.

If you told me you had magic powers Patricia I wouldn’t question it for a second. Just wanted to sort of check in, say hi and say a big thank you. again.


It’s YOUR time.

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I want Feng Shui Course & Parashakti Community:

Single Payment ($444)

Payment Plan (2 x $246 monthly)

I want Feng Shui Course Only:

Single Payment ($297)

Payment Plan (2 x $197 monthly)


 Still have a question?

It really matters to me that when you enroll in Feng Shui, Operation Transformation, you know you’re making a great investment.

If you’ve made it this far and you’ve still got lingering doubts, email me at patricia@patricialohan.com

 I will be in touch just as soon as I can.

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I want Feng Shui Course & Parashakti Community:

Single Payment ($444)

Payment Plan (2 x $246 monthly)

I want Feng Shui Course Only:

Single Payment ($297)

Payment Plan (2 x $197 monthly)



Will I really be able have transformation in my life?

There is no reason why not.

This course is delivered over 6 weeks, but in reality, it will take you longer to get through all the work and timing alignment for what you want to come into your life. However, I’m giving you have all of the support, information, resources and tools you need to attract him – you just need to commit to making it happen!

Trust your intuition on this one. I do NOT want to be a source of course remorse for you (or anyone). Ever.

That said, I sincerely believe that if your home is not  won’t come knocking on your door no matter how much wishing and wanting you do. You’ve got to take inspired action! After all, there’s a reason you’re reading this page (nudge, nudge from Mr. Universe!).

Will this course help me in other ways, too?

This course isn’t just about re-energising your home. (I know, I know, the title.) But as you’ve heard me say before, my experience, training, and my holistic approach is centered on a happy life in general.

Do I really have time to take this on?

I’d actually flip that Q around: Do you really have time to waste by not taking this on?

No—and you don’t need to, either. The tools I share in this course are pure and simple training wheels designed to save you time and give you clarity about the guy you want to welcome into your life. They’ve been tried and tested by my clients and students—and they work because they make sense.

And don’t worry – you can’t “fall behind” because you get lifetime access to this course and the online community. You can revisit the love lessons again and again, as often as you need to.

Yes, but will I actually do the coursework?

Well I don’t know, friend…WILL YOU? What you put into this is what you’ll get out of it. It’s up to you do to decide if you’re ready to rid yourself of the past and make space for a new love to enter your life.

Online learning requires self-discipline. No one will make you login each day. You won’t get kicked out if you fall behind on coursework. But we (Ken & I)  are ABSOLUTELY here to encourage you along the way. You’ve got an amazing, supportive network through our private Facebook community, where you can ask questions and get feedback. You also have the option of adding a one-on-one sessions if you need a more private space.

Women who put in the effort and work are the ones who see fantastic and dramatic changes in their emotions, become happier, and attract the types of men they really want to meet. Your hard work will pay off!

Bottom line: If you participate, you’ll be supported. If you WANT to do this, you WILL.

When does registration close?

Enrollment for this course closes Sunday at midnight (GMT)

It’s all so tempting! BUT….the money thing!

Investing in yourself is powerful and long lasting. If you keep doing the same thing and getting the same results, it’s time for a change. Are you ready to commit to yourself and say yes to your future life?                    If the energy is off and you feel it’s not the right fit, go with your gut! It’s easy to link hesitance and resistance to the financial commitment you’ll be making, but that is not always the case. I genuinely want you to join only when and if it feels right for you. Remember (if you sign up in the first 24 hours you will get access to my MONEY MAGNET COURSE FREE yes… Free (time sensitive offer) 

If you know you want in, but you legitimately don’t have the funds right now, rest easy. I’ll be launching this course again, so you’ll have another chance to join us in the future.

Do you have a refund policy?

The success of my course participants so far means I’m extremely confident that if you follow the lessons, you will make a huge difference to your life. There is no other feng shui program out there that is so practical, easy to follow, and fun!

However, if after 30 days you’re not impressed with the course, and you’ve can show that you’ve participated fully, I’ll happily refund your money and wish you good luck.


OK, I’m almost sure. What else you got?

Need a friendly nudge off the fence? Here’s a recap of what you’ll get with Operation Transformation


          • Engaging information and tools created for you to transform the energy of your home
          • Save time (weeks? months? years?) by eliminating the frustration and overwhelm associated with trying to make changes yourself
          • Super-clear on what you really want! The universe likes us to be specific
          • Accountability from an incredible cohort and community, who you’ll connect with on so many different levels
          • Access to me in the online community, with the bonus option of weekly group calls and on-on-one sessions
          • Lifetime access to the videos & information

(Click option below to join)

I want Feng Shui Course & Parashakti Community:

Single Payment ($444)

Payment Plan (2 x $246 monthly)

I want Feng Shui Course Only:

Single Payment ($297)

Payment Plan (2 x $197 monthly)

The Feng Shui Operation Transformation Formula Disclaimer!I’ve made every effort to accurately represent this program and its ability to help you create the life of your dreams. However, there is no guarantee that you will instantly transform your life – you have to take ACTION. This is not quick scheme. Your level of success is dependent on a number of factors, including your dedication, desire, interaction and completion. Because these factors vary according to each individual, I cannot and do not guarantee your success.Many participants have gone on to achieve results as outlined in the showcase. You’re responsible for the results you achieve. I’ll make every effort to provide you with quality information and guidance you need to achieve these results, but I cannot make any guarantees.

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