Last January I was in the shower when I thought of a woman I knew of in a Facebook group I’m in – she had shared the terrific artwork she created called Progressive Art – where she set a money goal & tracked her income & created a master piece along with accomplishing her BIG money goal..

always been super crap at setting goals & not achieving them sooo I thought maybe I should give it a go… literally a couple of hours later I was tagged in a post with the same incredible woman Natasha who I had been thinking of & she was in Bali!! What are the ODDS??? I saw it as a sign to properly connect & we hit it of straight away

In the meantime I decided to follow her lead & create something I could fill in & track an ENORMOUS goal for myself…

Anyways, I started (without her guidance) and it worked… SIX months later I completed my heart – it was more money than I had earned in a year in the past!!

This works – I smashed my goal I had to paint a few extra hearts!!

Soooooo I’m super excited to be doing it again this time I’m starting with to do her course 100 days of Colour … to support me as there were times that I got a bit led astray and she really dives into clearing the blocks around creating your masterpiece and what could be holding you back from the money flowing to complete it.

I found it soooo beneficial as instead of focusing on Money I was creating something so beautiful – that gives me such pride and joy when I see it….

This is the 100 days of colour course – I’m such a last minute girl.. it starting on the 1st of July – you check it out here – if you have a big money goal you want to achieve

– this is going to blow your mind

These are my before / during & complete!!

In the meantime here is my quick feng shui tip to help you get a grip on your finances!


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Much love,

Patricia x


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