The Power of Mantras

During the Saint Patrick’s weekend festival, I gave a talk about the power of Healing Mantras at the Dublin Mind, Body Spirit Festival.  The term mantra is based on the Sanskrit words: manas (mind) and trai (control). Vedic scripture calls mantra “that which, when contemplated and repeated, will offer protection.” The simplest mantras are called “seed sounds.” The powers they represent can change our lives for the better, no matter what we may believe or how we imagine them.

These are very powerful sounds or phrases which when repeated with intention can help with almost any difficulty that one is facing in life. I’ve experienced amazing things using mantras and I’d really like to share with you!


Healing Mantras ImageThe most detailed book on the subject is Healing Mantras by Thomas Ashley Farrand who sadly passed away last year. His book on Mantras is available on Amazon. I am including a link to a short synopsis of the book with a little introduction to what is included in the book. Of course,  I would highly recommend reading the full book, as it can help transform your life, but maybe starting small is the right path for you.

You can download the introduction here : Healing Mantras

Meditation with Chakra Mantras

I recently released my audio CD; Chakra Mantras with Tibetan Bowls – to Cleanse, Clear & Harmonise, which uses the seed sounds associated with each charka to envelop you in sacred healing sound, which will be available to purchase from my online shop, or from any one-to-one session or group session you may attend. You can read more about my meditation audio here.



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