Welcome to Parashakti TV. Thank you so much for being here, I am Patricia Lohan your host, and so delighted to share with you today’s insights on how to attract your dream job, or how to make your current job dreamier if you’re not that happy in it.

So, how do you attract your dream job? Maybe you’re not that happy where you are right now. Maybe you’re at a crossroads. Maybe you’re not quite sure.

This is something that I did many, many years ago when I was working in Galway, in the restaurant, and thinking – what would I like to do as my dream job?

I never, ever thought that I would be doing something like this. What I did know was I wanted to work with people I love. This is an affirmation I found in a Louise Hay book called, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’. I took this affirmation down and I read it pretty much every day.

I now work at a job I truly enjoy – working with people I love and who love me, expressing my creativity and joy. That pretty much epitomizes what my job is right now, and what I’m doing.

I don’t really have a job title, did you notice? What I did was, I identified some things that were really important to me. They were: to be around people that I loved, doing something that I loved, that expressed my creativity. Those are elements that were really important for me.

What’s important for you in your job? This is a time to journal and to think about the jobs that you love. Take some time out to write about the jobs that you really enjoy doing.

Were you working at a desk all the time on your own, with no interactions with anyone else? Were you working as part of a team? Did you love the people you worked with? Maybe the job itself wasn’t that enjoyable, but you loved the people that you worked with.

I remember a job that I had, when I was thinking about this. I was working in a crystal factory, and the factory shop, in Galway. I loved it. I loved being surrounded by these amazing people.

We had a lovely group of girls. We chatted every day, we were able to interact with amazing customers. I knew I loved working with people, and having interactions, and learning their stories, and telling them about the history of the crystal, and the designs, and the shapes, and explaining.

That was something I really loved, but the actual work – I wasn’t that happy with it. It wasn’t as fulfilling for me as I really wanted in my job.

There were things that I learned. Just go back through the jobs that you’ve had that you really loved, and just pick out the best elements.

Was it the people you worked with? Was it close to your house, was the commute really easy? Was your boss really super sweet, or would you like to be self-employed?

The clearer that you become, the more the universe starts to conspire to bring that to you.

In its mad evolution, my career evolved into becoming a coach, an inspirer, an author, and a creator. All of these things were all about interacting with people, inspiring people. It was all about people, and creating a life that I love. That’s what I’ve been doing.

This is an invitation for you to figure out what you love, and bring it in.

Coming into the feeling of it, how does it feel? How are you going to wake up in the morning? Will you wake up and be like, “Yes! I’m going to do this. I’m going to hop out of bed. I can’t wait to get to work!”?

When I walk into work everyone is going to have a big, “Hello,” for me, and the feedback I’m going to get from my clients is amazing, because I’m totally in alignment.

This is part of the journey, finding that real true purpose. It’s about feeling, and connecting with what the feeling is that you’ll get from being in it. You’re starting to connect with that already.

I’m just going to invite you to make sure that you’ve checked out the, ‘Unleash Your Manifesting Mojo’ series of videos which I’ve created. It’s at patricialohan.com/mojo.

This gives you an opportunity to have 7 little mini training sessions on how to really zone in on the tools for manifesting, and to focus it in on your career, and that dream job.

So that’s what I would invite you to do. Number 1, have a look at the jobs you’ve loved. But also have a look at the ones that you didn’t love so much, and write the opposite.

If you had a boss that you didn’t really get one with that well, it’s like, “Well I want a boss that I get on really well with.” Or if you had a really organized coordinated boss, and you really loved that about them, now it’s like, “I really want someone that is coordinated and organized, and that there is that structure in my life.”

For me, it’s that they’re free-flowing and easy. I kind of do things in my own time, because that’s what my personality really feeds me.

Think about what other differences you would be making in the world. These are all bases for you to journal about, to really connect what it is you love doing, what you’d love to be around, and how you would feel – and then bring it into this big picture of how your dream day would look.

What would you do before you go to work? How would you get to work? What would it be like at work? When you start really kind of molding this into a vision, it becomes easier for the universe to bring it.

Avoid defining it as a specific job title, which may not have all of those elements you need, and may bring you into a job that’s not in alignment with what your soul really wants.

I hope that I’ve helped you today, and that you can start writing about your existing job, about what you love, and how you’d love it to be and feel. You’d be surprised at how things will start to shift.

Even on your way to work, just think, “Wouldn’t it be great if I got a warm welcome on my way into work today?”

I’ve had this experience with a client of mine. She was talking about this with me, and I said, “Well, just imagine it. Imagine going into work and having an amazing day.” She did this, and said that as she opened the doors of her office, everyone was like, “Hi! Hi! Hi!” She couldn’t believe it.

It’s about what our intention is, and how we start our day with that intention. If we’re going into work miserable, we’re going to get that same feedback back.

Now, thank you so much for being a part of Parashakti TV. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you have any other questions you’d like me to answer, or would like me to give you some insights on attracting or creating your dream life, definitely just contact me.

I am happy to share my insights about it, but I can also bring in a pro to help us, and quiz them about how we can help and assist you in creating your dream life.

Thanks a million, and I can’t wait to see you over in the comments to find out what this brought up for you, or what your dream job would look like. Have an amazing day.

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