Hi everybody, and welcome back to Parashakti TV. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate your time and I hope that you’re getting a lot from watching these videos.

This is Part Two of my series on creating your dream day.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to create an amazing day for yourself. Creating a dream day – how does it get better than that?

I recently came across a book called “The Miracle Morning.” This is a beautiful concept, because what we do the first thing in the morning lays the foundations for our day.

In the previous video, we talked about preparing for our amazing day. We’ve set those seeds and planted them. This week, we’re going to work on what we do with our first thoughts and actions in the morning.

Do we go, “ugh, the alarm, no no no…”? Do we hop up frazzled and run around, throw some clothes on, and drive in a dream-like state to work? Or, do we have a choice to decide how we want out day to start?

That choice starts with our first thoughts, our first waking moments. It’s about waking up with a sense of gratitude and joy for your life and for everything you have.Then, it’s about having a little strategy – a little time-out before you jump into the “go go go”.

Take some time.

This is the whole idea of what The Miracle Morning is. It may be that you have to set your alarm a little earlier to do this.

Many different philosophies and schools of teaching talk about taking some time out for yourself first thing in the morning, which could include meditation. (I’m going to do some training about how to meditate if you’ve never meditated before, and some tools on that.)

Essentially, just sit and listen to your breath, get out of your bed, and take some time to reflect on your intentions for the day. You could journal some gratitude, or just do some journaling in general.

“The Artist Way” is another amazing and influential soul book in my life. It talks about journaling and just venting, letting some energy out from your body so that you really are on a clean slate for the day.

Do whatever’s going to feed your soul. This could involve some exercise. Maybe it’s yoga, maybe it’s pilates, maybe it’s going for a 10 or 15-minute walk before you have to go into your frantic day.

This is an invitation for you to create your own miracle hour. Don’t copy and paste what I do. It’s an opportunity for you – an invitation for you to think about how your mornings currently look, and how you can shift it into a miracle morning that gives you energy, fills your cup up with joy, and makes you feel so alive and joyful – like you really want to start your day on the right foot, or you got out of the right side of the bed!

For example, mornings are a powerful time for Ken and me to just chat and connect, so that we start both our days off on the right way.

I often have my journal and I will write some notes in it. I also have some prayers and affirmations that I like to repeat to myself and think about, or maybe repeat some mantras. I might just sit. My miracle morning changes because I tune into what I feel like I want to do that day. It doesn’t need to be set in stone.

Some people love structure. Some people are like, “For 15 minutes I’m going to do this, for 15 minutes I’m going to do this – 15 minutes, meditation. 15 minutes, yoga. 15 minutes, journaling.” That is totally the opposite of what feeds my soul. I really go with the flow.

I have my angel cards – I may just pull out an angel card or two and look at them, and think about how that reflects on what’s going on in the day ahead of me. I’ll also have done the same the night before. It’s just thinking, and dropping into the space of having a beautiful day for myself after a great sleep.

This is an invitation for you to shift your strategy a little bit, and think about what a successful strategy would look like for your morning.

When I lived in Ireland, I used to wake up in the morning, and Ken would be going off to work. He would come up and give me some hot water and lemon – that would be my little “time”. Wake up, have my hot water and lemon, and then get myself ready. I used to do some journaling, and then I would go to the gym.

That was my energy for the day. Here, it’s different.

That’s what this is about. It’s not about creating a concrete thing, but it is about honoring yourself and giving yourself some time before you go out into the world, when you have to give everyone else time.

You really need to fill up your own cup with things that fill you up. Meditation, journaling, some yoga, maybe some dancing around and play your favorite playlist. I’m so big about sound – play some playlists!

Have a little guided meditation. Some mornings I wake up and say, “I’m going to listen to the chakra-balancing meditation that I recorded.” Just listening to that has me prepared and balanced for the day.

That’s what this is all about – it’s about the intention to create your ideal miracle hour, that you take this time, before the rest of your day just runs away with you. It can be taken and blended in different ways that it wasn’t exactly planned to be.

I hope you enjoyed this video. It’s just so important to fill our cup before we share it with the world –  before we share what we have, our beautiful energy, with everyone else. To make sure that we look after ourselves first thing in the morning.

We need to make that time and put it aside for ourselves in order to do whatever’s going to nourish our soul.

Experiment and try out different things, and see how you feel in the mornings. Then you’ll start to come into a space of honoring the place inside you that needs to be fed before you can go out and start your day – and you’ll come into it with a sense of flow, ease, and joy.

Thank you so much for being here. I would love to hear about your success strategies for mornings, or about what you’re going to do to start putting that time aside for yourself before you move into a fast-paced day.

Just try being, and sitting, and feeling what will feed your soul.

This is Patricia here. I’m so glad that you’re here. I would also love to invite you to share this video with your friends or family. If you enjoyed it, subscribe to this channel.

If you have questions about creating your dream day, leave a comment in the comment box, and I’ll give you some more insights. That’s where it’s all at right now.

Thanks so much. If you would like more insights or have questions for me that you’d like answered, just send an email to patricia@patricialohan.com. Have an amazing day, bye for now!

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