Today I am going to share about how to create a brilliant day for yourself. This video is going to come in two different parts. First of all, this episode is about how to set it up, and the next one is going to be about how to make it even better. How does it get better than that? I don’t know.

Today, we are talking about how to create a brilliant day for yourself, and actually this comes from a learning that I had a couple of years ago that I thought, “That is amazing!” It all starts with intention. Whatever it is that we want to create, attract, and bring into our life. Thoughts create things. When we put that intention out there we start the ball and the wheels moving in the direction of what it is that we want to attract in our lives.

The first thing that we can do to create our dream/perfect day is get ready. Preparation comes in the form of the night before. There are some simple things that you could set up for yourself the night before that will make your next day a little bit easier. In the evening time, before you go to sleep, do a tiny little bit of preparation. You could put your clothes out the next day. You could pack your lunch so your morning isn’t as frantic.

This is what I invite you to do just before you go to sleep. You snuggle into your bed, and you lie down. Close your eyes, and you just run through your dream day in your mind, for what’s going to come tomorrow. You’re almost programming yourself into a state of calmness, peace and ease. Drawing in the energies that you want your next day to be filled with. Close your eyes and settle into your bed. Think about how you want to feel the next day. How you want to feel when you wake up? How you want to feel when you’re getting dressed? Joy, ease, excitement? How you want to feel when you’re getting in your car, or on the bus, or on the train to work? What are you doing? Are you surrounding yourself with sounds that’ll nourish your soul? Are you reading that amazing book that’s inspiring you? Think about that journey to work. What about on the way into work? Your interactions with people? How they feel. Maybe you have meetings coming up, maybe there’s something big happening the next day.

Really hone in to the feeling. Being in your own power, being grounded, taking each and every action with loving kindness. Interactions with people who you may not know, or people who in the past may have upset you. Just be in your own space of loving kindness. Yes, this is such a beautiful, powerful practice for you to really hone and tune in. Visualize the entire day. Visualize your lunch. Visualize spending time with your partners. Visualise that evening and what you’ll be doing, whether you’re going to do a hobby, or go to a yoga class, or make some time for yourself. Laying down the foundations the night before will set you up for a beautiful night’s sleep, that will also energize your day tomorrow. It’s about being prepared energetically rather than in this flustered jumping out of bed, not ready. If we lay the seeds the night before, we can really, really put into place a beautiful, beautiful energy of flow for the following day.

This is something that I did the night before our wedding, and I went to bed very, very late. We were event planning the entire wedding. Because I was event planning it, obviously I wasn’t going to be running around the day of the wedding making sure everything was in the right place. I knew I had to get up early.  I went to put my head down on the pillow, and it was just buzzing with things to do. There was just so much to do, and my brain was really, really frantic. I was thinking “Am I going to sleep tonight?” until I thought “hang on a minute!” I got a pen and paper, and I wrote down everything. I just let it all go. I just wrote down everything that I needed to do the next morning. I set my alarm for earlier in the morning that I needed to get up. The hairdresser was coming at seven, so I set my alarm for five. I got up at five. I slept soundly. Once I lay my head on the pillow and I saw how everything would be, I saw a really calm house in the morning, I felt real peace that I got everything done, and there was no panic, everything was so great.

I visualized people coming into the driveway where there was going to be a drinks reception, and all of the different images that had been in my head for so long in the preparation of the wedding, and how everything would look and be. I saw all of that. I really just journeyed though the day and made sure that anything that I needed to have written down in order for me to remember, I did. Then I was able to sleep really soundly, and when the alarm went off at five, I was excited, and ready, and I knew I had to get into action to really get through that list of stuff that needed to be done. But I had had a really great night’s sleep. That morning I got up and nobody was up. The whole house was quiet, and it was the first time in weeks that I had had really quiet time that I needed to be really focused on getting the last things done so that I could really surrender the day when I walked out of the house and I danced down the aisle.

That was such an amazing lesson for me in how this practice can really help us create the best day ever. It’s about offloading what need to be done, and then visualizing and seeing it happening, and it being a great day. I hope that before you go to sleep tonight you can really settle into creating the next day as a beautiful, harmonious day.

I would love to hear your insights and comments about how you create the most harmonious day for yourself in the comments below. If you do have any questions or insights I would love to hear them.

If you wanted to know anything else about creating a dream life, please let me know. Email me at, and I can create a Parashakti TV episode about that, or call someone else in to support me and to give you the best answer that we possibly can.

Have an amazing day and an amazing nights sleep, and I’d love to hear how you get on!

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  1. Teresa Harhen July 6, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    Hi Patricia
    My name is Teresa and I was wondering about your day schedule.
    I am recovering from surgery and at home at the moment. I live in Newbridge, Co. Kildare.
    Not sure if I have the energy yet but interested in some information

    Thank you

  2. antoinette July 4, 2016 at 11:42 am

    Brilliant…love it xx

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