Hi there and welcome to Parashakti TV. This is Patricia Lohan, your host. I’m delighted to have you here!

Today, I am going to talk about how to turn off negative self-talk. Yes, you know – that cranky voice in the back of your head. It’s time to turn it off and let it go.

Negative self-talk, we all have it. We have this chatter in the back of our head that’s going, “Don’t do that.” “You’re not good enough.” “You’re silly.” “Don’t be ridiculous.” “That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.” “Stop.” and this is constant chatter.

Now, we’re all very different in terms of how these conversations with ourselves go.

I call them a mini pants, these voices that we have, and it could be just one voice, it could be several different voices, it could have different tones. We’re all so different. But many of us, we do have that voice in our head.

A lot of the times it’s trying to hold us back from being ourselves, and fully expressing ourselves at our brightest and most amazing. How do we turn it off?

I know you’re like, “Yeah! Can I turn this off?” Of course you can. It’s just about learning a new little technique that I’m going to teach you today.

Now, the first thing that I’m going to invite you to do is to tune in to it, just close your eyes and tune in to where this voice is. Is it to your left? To your right? Is it front of you? Is it up high? Very low? What kind of tone is this voice?

Is it very mean, or is it really slow, or angry? Is it a male voice or a female voice?

So you’ve tuned into exactly where it is, and the tone of it. What’s the volume? Yeah, can you hear all that?

I’m going to invite you to just move around and face the door. Wherever the door is in the room you’re in right now, I’m going to invite you to just turn around and face the door. You could have that door open as well if you want it.

Don’t worry, you can go back and do this if you were still listening to the voice. This is just instructions on how to do it for yourself.

Once you’re facing the door, or an open window, you don’t have to be very close. It’s not a huge thing. Just as long as you can see the door and it’s open, or the window and it’s open, and it’s a little bit away from you.

Just settle yourself, close your eyes, tune in to that voice again. As you hear the voice, whether it’s your left or your right, we’re going to move this voice to be directly in front of you, facing you.

Imagine the voice has moved right in front of your face. Tune in to the volume, the tone, and how it’s moved now to be facing you.

Right beside the voice, you’re going to imagine a control panel. It’s like a volume control panel. You can imagine the knob, it turns the volume up or down. Now, you have control over this volume, and it’s the volume for your inner voice.

I give you permission to turn the volume down. You could physically reach up and turn the volume down. Listen as you hear the voice less and less and less and less, or even turn it off.

You muted the voice, but you can still feel that energy right in front of you, facing you. Now you’re going to thank that voice for trying to protect you: “Thank you very much. But right now, I’m okay.”

Imagine the muted voice floating away from you. It’s moving towards the exit. Floating away, away, away out the window, or out the door. You’re saying goodbye, letting it go.

Once it’s gone out the window or door, go close the door, close the window, and come back, sit down and just listen. Tune in to your heart and know that this is where the truth comes from.

Trust in this space. What feels good? What feels right? You’ve let that voice drift away, let it go. You’ve closed the door on it and acknowledged that you choose to move from the heart from now on.

You’re breathing love into your body, and exhaling, letting go. Blink your eyes open. Well done!

This exercise doesn’t guarantee that the voice isn’t going to come back, because it’s been with you for a long time – but we can help let it go, and we can decide to turn the volume down. We have control over this voice.

Giving it power, and giving it energy, is just giving away our power and our energy. What we want to do is have control of it and be able to say: “Thank you. It’s time to turn you down and let you go.”

You can use this exercise at any time – any time you catch yourself drifting into that space. My friend used to call them the shitty committee, like: “Yeah, that’s the shitty committee.”

We just want to turn down the volume, and give ourselves a chance to listen to our hearts, for what is truly calling us.

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