29b152088ff280caffe9701e124a70b0One of the basic ways to check the energy flow in your home is to imagine Chi, or energy, as water.If water where to flow into your home from the main door, where would it stagnate? Would the water harmoniously and smoothly flow to all areas of your space, gently refreshing them, or would it rush right out the back door? 
Would it encounter blockages as soon as it enters your home, such as, for example, a wall  facing the main door?

 Other feng shui scenarios that can contribute to the leakage of Chi are:
– Main Door in Line withthe Back Door or a big window

– Mirror Facing the Main Door

-Stairs Facing the Main Door

I will be addressing these areas in future emails as it’s easy to remedy all of them ensuring that the energy stays in your home and doesn’t flow in & out again.

Be sure to position your furniture in a way that allows for a smooth flow to all areas of your home and avoid any blockages and stagnant areas, such as stuffed closets, for example, that create bad feng shui energy.

The main priority areas that are responsible for good feng shui energy in a house.

  1. Energy Flow to the Front Door. A good feng shui house has a smooth, strong and clear energy flow to its front door.

 Is the chi energy flow blocked in its way to your front door? Is there a big tree or any other feature blocking the flow to your front door? Or, maybe your door needs some loving care, such as a better feng shui color, new hardware, etc. Do you block the pathway yourself with recycling bins, old pots, shoes outside the front door? It’s a good idea to take care of that.
 Is there a pretty welcome mat with potted plants and flowers to welcome the energy inimages-11
  2. Quality of Energy in the Main Entry. A good feng shui house has a main entry designed to welcome, strengthen and channel the incoming feng shui energy throughout the whole house. This will nourish your house and create good energy.

What is the first thing you see as your enter your house? Where do you feel the energy (your attention) goes right away?
  3. Strength of Energy in the Feng Shui Trinity. A good feng shui house has good feng shui anchored in its main energy centers – the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom.

 The quality of feng shui energy in your house mainly depends on the strength of feng shui energy in your bedroom, your kitchen and your bathroom.

 Be sure all three areas have a strong feng shui foundation and always be aware of the quality of energy in these three energy points of your home.
  4. Freshness of Feng Shui Energy. A good feng shui house is nourished by fresh, clear and freely flowing energy. There is no stagnant, old or blocked energy anywhere in the house. 

Everything around us is in constant flow, in constant change. So, even after you’ve created a strong feng shui foundation in your house, the work continues. You have to get into the habit of keeping the energy fresh and flowing, and be very mindful about not creating stuck areas in your house. You know that a stuck, stagnant energy in a specific area of your house will sooner of later express itself in stuck, or completely blocked energy in a specific area of your life, continue to get rid of your clutter, clear out your closets, your basement, your garage, and once these areas are clean, do not let them accumulate more clutter. Use the basics of space clearing at least once a week. Good, fresh feng shui energy expresses itself in a clean space, fresh air, plenty of good and happy, meaningful energy as expressed in any decor items in your house.

In order to create good feng shui in a house, start small and do not get overwhelmed with all the amount of feng shui info out there. First and foremost, you have to trust your senses and go at your own pace. After all, it is your house, and it is best to feel empowered and strong when you do any changes in your house. This is good feng shui!

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