The world works very mysteriously and learning to trust the process and flow of this is SO important.

As we can easily get completely thrown off course when things don’t work out as we have planned.

It is tough to see the “WHY, this has happened to me’

When we think that everything can and does work out sometimes there are lessons that we have to go through and experience before the outcome or and even better outcome than we imagined could or would happen.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason and there is NO point in blaming yourself for something that has happened but there is also not point in remaining in internal conflict about a situation.

Last week, I was completely traumatised after I knocked a little baby deer down and he took his last breathes in front of me. It was so terrible. I was shocked, upset and also very lucky that a moment later the deer would have been in the windscreen of my car and who knows what would have happened.

I felt such guilt about the accident, and went over it in my head, I was so upset for the little deer but there was nothing that I could have done he came flying down from a really high wall and there was no way I could have seen him.

I was angry that I came that way, that I didn’t go earlier but looking back is not the way either.

My lesson from the event is – strange things happen to throw us off course. Life is not a straight line and if it was it would be very boring. Most disappointments, accidents and trauma give us a chance to stop and revaulate where we are and what we appreciate about our lives more.
I was so aware of the life of that beautiful creature had come to an end so quickly, without knowing and how precious all life is. It our job to make the most of our precious life as it could be taken from us within minutes.

So do what you love in your life, spend time with people that you love, tell them that you love them and tell them that you care. Don’t sweat the small stuff and try and see the good in everyone and every situation.


God Bless the little deer, I’ve planted a sunflower in our garden in his honour.



Patricia x

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