“Patricia, I’m having one of those ‘How does it get any better than this?!” week. Every time I do something with you, my life goes nuts in the best, funnest most crazily successful ways. If you told me you had magic powers Patricia I wouldn’t question it for a second.  Just wanted to sort of check in, say hi and say a big thank you. again.”

We started with a Feng Shui consultation on our home and office in 2015. Following her guidance and reports we implemented the necessary remedies and saw a huge shift in our business and personal lives. We were more focused, motivated, clear-headed and energetic.

In 2016, we again came to Patricia as we were in a crunch period for a huge financial goal in our business. Patricia’s support and sessions to clear our blocks was all we needed to realign with our goal. Our energy shifted within weeks and we manifested the largest financial goal we had ever set ourselves.

We’re grateful  every day that we found Patricia and her totally unique skills, intuition and services. It has revolutionised our outlook on everything and as a result our lives and business have been forever changed. For the better! Thank you Patricia, we wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Patricia and her work. 

“Can’t wait to share where I have got to with just the small bits of ‘work’ I did in the summer, I took your advice with the Feng Shui in the bedroom and it was very powerful!  Put it this way, I have two handsome men emailing me at the moment and both want to live in the West AND want to start a family asap!”

“I would highly recommend Patricia as a Feng Shui practitioner. What a transformative experience! The counsel I received was exceptional. She helped me see my apartment with fresh eyes, and gently suggested small, medium and radical changes, all of which have resulted in increased energy and positivity. Patricia also prepared a package of all the Feng Shui information that she’d shared with me during her visit, which guided me through the implementation plan. Since her consultation I’ve made many of the changes she suggested and I’m feeling renewed in my home and also inspired about life.”

“Patricia is brilliant at what she does and in her professional delivery of the material. She brings lots of joy and light to this work and it all makes for a wonderfully magical environment to grow and learn in.  And what better environment to learn in than a happy and relaxed one! I loved every minute of the training! A big THANK YOU to you Patricia for sharing your light with the world.”

“With Patricia’s guidance and one to one treatment, I find myself experiencing better physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Patricia is highly professional and the attention and care she brings to each session creates a unique therapeutic experience. I look forward to continuing with Patricia as I see the benefits of how it helps me in dealing with my busy personal and professional life.”

“Patricia is a kind bubbly character who gives off such positive energy you can’t help retain it. She not only provided healing but she also provided one to one advice when I was going through some personal and work anguish, stress and anxiety. Advice I still try to use on a day to day basis. I would advise anyone to go to Patricia as they will not regret it.”

“The strength and clarity that evolves after each session with Patricia has transformed my whole thought process and a has knock on effect in every day life! Amazing.”

“Dear Patricia, on behalf of the committee of the Reiki Federation of Ireland, I just wanted to thank you for being the guest speaker at the RFI Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 5th April 2014. The session was a wonderful, beneficial and relaxing experience for those present. You do remarkable work and I wish you every success. Blessings and Light.”

“Life is a journey and sometimes in our fearful and egoic  nature we experience challenges and difficulties on the road. But there are always occasions when we are strengthened and encouraged and enlightened. For me one such occasion was  working with Patricia. Her Warm, joyful, energetic and enthusiastic welcome was the foundation to a beautiful healing experience . Patricia’s gentle yet powerful work awakened in me energy that needed to be cleared.  Thank you Patricia.”

“I contacted Patricia for a healing after suffering an emotional shock to my system. I felt nurtured and ‘held’ within the session.I noticed that I appeared to feel lighter and more grounded then before. The trauma that had previously felt unbearable had become bearable. I often feel that the experience was a turning point for me.

I find Patricia to have a great zest for life and positive friendly outlook, which is refreshing to be around.”

“I’ve just completed the Soulmate Attraction Formula programme with Patricia and I can honestly say I have learned so much from the experience. I now have a much clearer understanding of how and why I attracted certain unhelpful and unhealthy relationships into my life in the past. I have learned some amazing tools and techniques for clearing what is standing in the way of attracting love and I now feel much clearer and more confident in attracting my soulmate. The course is very well laid out and can be taken at your own pace. My favourite part of the experience was connecting with a wonderful, supportive group of women who held space and were there for one another every step of the way. I’m very grateful to Patricia who has a natural talent for what she does. She’s strong, kind, patient, fun and extremely supportive and encouraging. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her and the other women and I highly recommend the course.”

“Thanks so much for the amazing treatment yesterday. I slept so well last night and woke up feeling really good today, full of energy and feeling really balanced.”

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