Greetings From Sydney! Since last week I’ve travelled across the globe to speak at a wonderful conference – Heart Centred Business Conference – it was epic – meeting inspiring female entrepreneurs shining their light, learning and having lots of fun!

I’m currently waiting for my sister pick me up in Sydney right now! I get to see my two little’s been nearly a year since I got to hug them tightly! I’m sooo excited!

Delightfully – Mercury starts to move direct in the next day or so – all the weird techie stuff going on will start flow with ease again..  I love how we can gently get nudges from the universe was defo telling I us we are on the right track and in the right place.. I love astrology (you may have noticed since I often mention tidbits here) ! yesterday, I randomly booked a hotel for a night when I checked in the lady said are you aware we are the world’s first astrologically themed hotel! Who’d have thought!

We are also moving beyond the gregarious leo energy into a much more ‘organisational themed’ month with Virgo.. which is why I will be announcing a very very exciting challenge in the next few weeks… keep your eyes peeled!

To get started with decluttering and lighten up!

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Patricia x

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