We are at an amazing time post this new moon and eclipse yesterday to really step into our power and to make a difference in our lives.

Here I am with my new dowsing rods!

This is a powerful time to set intentions for what we are creating and attracting in our lives, at my final event in Dublin at the weekend was truly magical with so many aha moments from people.

I thought these insights may come in handy when writing down your intentions!
Ultimately it boiled down to:


Stop worrying about what others think, follow your heart (what is your heart calling you to do? )


Don’t take things so seriously – it’s time to lighten up and have FUN!


This week I’m away in Wexford and visiting sacred sites of Ireland training with one of the world foremost Feng Shui gurus… I’m excited and scared as I step into a deeper level of the work, which I adore.


Today’s one-minute Feng Shui Miracle is a quick tip that coincides well as it supports you in how to get unstuck!




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Have an amazing day,





Patricia  xxx