ivy-349041_1280Little things that we don’t realise are affecting our lives and our health.

Yesterday I drove past an old home that I lived in as a teenager. It was an incredible home in the best location – close to the seaside and walking distance to the town.

I glanced up at it with fond memories and spotted Ivy creeping from the neighbour onto the house.

I thought OH NO!! I should try and get hold of the owner to let him know what a negative impact it has on your home (architecturally and also from a Feng Shui perspective)

This morning I was walking the prom and synchronistically he walked past me, I stopped him and mentioned it to him – he said he would remove it.

I explained the having a living organism such as Ivy on the house would be sucking the energy from the house shockingly he said happiness without even blinking. He assured me that he would take it down and went on his merry way.
I started to reflect on our experience whilst living in the house… It really was one of those houses I really didn’t want to move out of but we were constantly challenged when we lived there. My feng shui head went on and I instantly had some ah ah moments about it… I then thought about the neighbours and some of their lives and experiences (that I knew of when I lived there) Sickness, Loniness, depression..

The thing is when we lived in this house…. My parents were certainly at their most affluent, money was NOT an issue when we lived in this house but there were many, many other challenges… depression, eating disorders, constant legal issues (my bedroom ended having to be knocked down!), we were faced with lots of death and emotional stuff.

I know that these things may seem like ‘normal’ and everyone has challenges BUT without even going to the house with my Compass or doing a review of the feng shui I know that this house (and those on the row) as they were all built at the same time are not supportive of people.
There are four types of house – good for both people & money, good for people but not money, good for money not people, not good for either.. and once
As homeowners we take for granted that life & the challenges that we face are just our ‘karma’ or its just the way it is – the thing is THIS can be changed SO easily.. it’s just about looking outside the box!

I could write all day about the magic of feng shui but it’s 5,000 year old ancient art which will harmonises your home – I like to describe it is as Acupuncture for your home, living in a home which is not supporting you or your family energetically it can have so many detrimental affects that are easy to actually remedy!

If you want to start with feng shui today there are some simple things that you can do to get some more harmony in your home. Download me free feng shui checklist here


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