SOME people just have those brains that keep chattering even in the middle of a deep tissue massage, a brisk walk or a yoga session.

Tibetan Singing Bowls is a form of therapy that can help release old emotions, manage grief, trauma and help children with special needs through sound – and stop the noise in your head.

Galway-born Patricia Lohan is one of Ireland’s best known singing bowl therapists, she was living a busy city life – managing her parent’s restaurant Lohan’s – and working endless hours on the restaurant floor.Sunday World Article

When she decided to pack it all in, she sat her mum down to tell her she needed something else from life but her mum had come to the same conclusion.

She said: “My mum had just come back from Australia where she had visited my sister and when she saw how happy she was and thought of me, she could see there was a huge difference in us.”

Patricia loved yoga and decided to go to India and learn how to be a yoga teacher but what fate had in store for her was Tibetan Bowl Therapy – which she has now brought to Ireland.

A single session lasts an hour and is like a form of deep mediation where she uses the sound of the bowls to relax the body.

She says:  “Sound vibration is the most basic form of human existence. All types of sounds from a jack hammer to an angry voice to pure simple soothing tones have an effect on the nervous system which relaxes and destresses.

“The body recoils when it hears stressful sounds and holds onto toxicity. In response to being fed soothing tones it does the opposite. Having a session is not unlike a detox and my clients need to mind themselves, drink plenty of water and relax afterwards.”

Patricia says:  “The is the first time I was introduced to singing bowls I was on a retreat in Italy and a lady gave me a massage, at the end of the massage she put there bowls in my back and I burst out crying – it just released whatever emotions that needed to be released.”

Six months later – after packing in her job with the blessings of her mum and dad – Patricia found herself learning the art of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

She says:  “It wasn’t difficult to learn. You just had to be prepared to relax intensely every single day at the end of the sessions because we had to practice on each other, and once you did, you thought oh wow, this is the most incredible session ever.  I need to bring this home and do it for more people because you feel so peaceful and it’s incredible.

“I’ll never forget the day I finished the course that day and went out for dinner that night, and I hadn’t bought any Tibetan bowls at this stage.

“This man walked into the restaurant where I was sitting, it was the same restaurant I went to every night but I was avoiding a guy, so I went to a different part of the restaurant and he came around, there was one space left beside me, and he looked around he pointed at the spot & I nodded to go ahead take a seat.

“ So he sat down beside me, and everybody is either a trekker going off to climb Everest or they’re volunteering to help with charities. There is nobody on spiritual paths as such, I mean you kind of hear of people on spiritual journeys but there’s not so much in Katmandu.

“So this man sits beside me and I say, “So, what do you do?” And he goes, “I am from Paris and I work with Tibetan singing bowls as a sound healer.” And I thought, what? Seriously? And he said yes, and I said I just finished a course in it! So he basically, was an incredible healer and a very psychic man, but he asked me had I bought bowls yet? No? Right. We need to get you bowls. Come with me tomorrow, I’m going to bring you to the show where you can come get your bowls and we’re going to organize them all to be shipped to Ireland.

“ So we head it off and we did that, and that’s how I ended up shipping all the bowls down to Galway. As my mother questioned when they arrived ‘what are you going to do with all the fruit bowls?”



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