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Can I show you how my clients create more ease and flow in their life and business using the ancient art of Feng Shui?

Patricia has turned my office into an ATM Machine!

Tarzan Kay

Financially better, great new job, great friendships, great family, learning new skills, fitter, healthier… My life is better for having done Feng Shui.

Amy Hughes

My life was feeling constantly “hard” with family conflicts, money struggles and I just wanted everything flowing better and easier. After I applied ALL of Patricia’s Feng Shui recommendations, I noticed an immediate difference in my family getting along, and money coming in.

Gael Woods

Meet Patricia – Feng Shui Expert, Author of the Happy Home, A guide for creating a happy, healthy, wealthy life, creator of Feng Shui Mastery.

If you’re not as happy, wealthy, or healthy as you want to be, then your home might be holding you back.

I help you unlock success and flow in your home, increase your bank balance, attract your soulmate, reach your ideal income, and live your dream lifestyle. Just like I have. (side note: I live my dream life in Bali with my Hubby)

It’s not just about how hard you work or how much personal development you’ve done, it’s about the environment your doing it in.

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Here’s how I can help you supercharge your home with Feng Shui

The Happy Home

This book is an invitation to look at your home in a brand new light — not just as the place you live but as the foundation for your happiness, health and wealth.


How to? Feng Shui Your Office?

Is your office sneakily sabotaging your business success? Get your hands on this free How To Feng Shui Your Office e-Book and learn the simple, straightforward changes you can make today to align the energy in your office for more abundance, opportunities, clients, and collaboration.

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Hire Me Privately

Wish I could take a peek into your space and give you the perfect Feng Shui remedies to shift the energy in the environment, speed up your manifestation, and create more harmony in your home? Then skip the line and jump straight into private Feng Shui consulting.

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Turn your home into a Money Magnet

Want my checklist to learn the 5 sneaky Feng Shui money drains in your home you can reverse in 5 minutes flat?

Yes! Send It To Me Now!

Today I have a waiting list of over 3 months, and I’m only in business over 12 months.

My relationship with my husband and kids has blossomed into a happy energy and are getting on great with the odd small quarrel lol.

Job opportunities came up both for my husband and I with extra income in to the household.

If you are struggling with money issues, health problems, relationships or would love to meet your dream partner, no clients or the lack of them, or you have a crazy idea of wanting to do something, or want to travel.. Hire Patricia & implement the Feng Shui.

#FengShuiRocks #NewLove”

Anne Marie Kingston

Suzanne’s life and business turned completely around!

“When I first found Patricia, we were in a really, really bad place financially. I wasn’t sleeping. We had no money and bills coming out of our ears. Nothing was working. I honest to God didn’t know how we were going to get through it.

I knew something had to change. That’s when I started working with Patricia. She took one look at my office and said, ‘That’s the problem.’ It was completely disorganized. My desk wasn’t in the power position. I hadn’t done my taxes. There were so many things that weren’t going well! We’re just about to move into a new facility for our martial arts school, which 6 months ago would have never even crossed our minds to be able to do. I’ve got students coming in daily. We’ve got regular income, and things are on the up.

Once I put the remedies in place, that’s when things started to turn around! Without Patricia’s help and Feng Shui, we wouldn’t be in the position we are now. I get emotional when I think about it, but I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Suzanne Butler

Miriam’s business doubled and then tripled!

“Before Feng Shui, things were good but not as good as they should be. We had a lovely, loving relationship and lovely kids, but I noticed there was always a bit of unease and awkwardness with the children. I thought it was just because they were teenagers. In business, it was good, but it felt like hard work with too much bust and boom. I’d been blaming my husband for things not going properly because I was doing all the work.

I did every single thing that Patricia told me. We went out, got all the remedies, and put them in straight away, and the shifts were epic. I could feel it all changing, and that’s when everything started flowing. Every facet of our lives changed. Now the kids pop in more often, and they’re really relaxed when they’re here. My husband had the biggest year in business in two or three years. He found fantastic back-up support.

My business has been really amazing too because I have made so much more money! Once I put the remedies in, my business doubled the next month, and then the next month it tripled!! The thing is, it’s all happened really easily, without me having to work hard. It’s like somebody plucked a pebble out of the pipe that was blocking the flow, and now it’s just gushing. It was like an instant new normal.”

Miriam Castilla

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Want my checklist to learn the 5 sneaky Feng Shui money drains in your home you can reverse in 5 minutes flat?