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5 Common Feng Shui Mistakes

Is Feng Shui interior design? Do I have to fill my house with trinkets to do Feng Shui? My house is set up strangely… am I stuck with bad Feng Shui?!

It’s time to set the record straight about 5 common mistakes and misconceptions that people make with Feng Shui.

It’s totally OK to make mistakes… that’s how we learn! But when it comes to Feng Shui, simply avoiding these mistakes or misunderstandings can lead to dramatic positive changes in your life.

Feng Shui is all about making your home supportive for what you want to call into your life. It’s about creating a positive relationship with your environment. Simply put: Feng Shui is about creating a magnet to attract the life of your DREAMS!

Let’s get started on the 5 common Feng Shui mistakes and misconceptions that beginners make.


Feng Shui Mistake #1 – Feng Shui is Interior Design

The most common Feng Shui mistake or misconception I hear is people thinking Feng Shui is just another type of interior design… and that just couldn’t be farther from the truth! Feng Shui is not about the aesthetics in your home. It’s not about moving furniture around or choosing paint colors. It’s not about becoming a minimalist.

Feng Shui is about creating good energy that supports you and the life you crave.

The aesthetics don’t really matter. When I work with clients, I’m not too bothered with the aesthetics of a house. I’ve worked in super expensive interior designed homes that have had terrible Fung Shui. These people lived in gorgeous homes but their lives were not flowing the way they wanted, there was drama, money issues, sickness, lawsuits, you name it!

Other times I walk into a home that has started Feng Shui and the client is super worried about things like the position of the bed or the couch or an office chair. The fact is, most of the time there is only one or two ways your furniture will fit in a room – and that’s OK! When it comes to positioning your furniture you just have to do your best. For example, you likely heard that having a bed under a window is bad Feng Shui, but it may actually be in a good spot for you and your specific needs (which we discuss and go deeper in as part of my PowerHouse Feng Shui Masterclass). My tip: avoid getting caught up in surface-level things and instead focus on the energy of your home.

Feng Shui Mistake #2 – Bad House Number = Bad Feng Shui

Often when people first come to me and they’re really embracing Feng Shui, they learn about House Numbers and then get worried that their house has a “bad” Feng Shui number. For example, you may have heard that a Number Four house is bad Feng Shui and then start thinking, “Oh no… I’m doomed!” Rest assured, this is NOT the case! Honestly, the Number Four House is just a totally superstitious thing. If you live in a Number Four house, it’s fine, you’re fine, and your Feng Shui is not doomed. There are specific remedies you can apply to create good Feng Shui no matter your House Number. 

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Feng Shui Mistake #3 – Bad House Structure = Bad Feng Shui

The next common Feng Shui mistake is beginners thinking that an odd house structure is bad Feng Shui and, again, that means you’re doomed. For example, directly across from your front door is the back door leading outside. This isn’t ideal since it lets good energy flow in your door and then right out the back, BUT it’s not the end of the world! You can still create a beautiful, harmonious home, even if your house has a less-than-ideal setup. Let go of any of those misconceptions that you kind of think are really bad Feng Shui and give yourself permission to look at your house from a new perspective. Start by breathing positivity into your home. Say out loud, “I’m so lucky to have a beautiful home, I’m so grateful, and there’s so many opportunities, good opportunities for me to Feng Shui it and manifest the life of my dreams.”  

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Feng Shui Mistake #4 – Add a Money Frog or Money Plant to Get Rich 

The next common Feng Shui mistake I see is people getting little money frogs or money plants and then expecting abundant wealth instantly. There are many ways to attract wealth and money with Feng Shui and, sure, a money frog won’t hurt, but if the rest of your Money Corner and your home’s Feng Shui isn’t working… then the money frog alone isn’t going to do you much good. That being said, you can totally have a money frog if it resonates with you and it makes you feel really prosperous and abundant. I am 100% for you having something in your home that inspires you and that makes you feel good and feel abundant. But the mistake is when people think by bringing this frog in and putting it in their money corner that it’s going to make loads of money.

Feng Shui Mistake #5 – Feng Shui is just Decluttering

The next mistake that I see with Feng Shui or people attempting to start Feng Shui is that there’s this belief that it’s all about the decluttering. So if you’ve seen any of my YouTube videos, I have never said anything about minimalist living, getting rid of all your things, and living like a monk. I certainly wouldn’t even call myself a minimalist! While it is important to clear out items that are serving you, that are broken, that are from your past and may be holding onto negative energies, Feng Shui goes much deeper than tossing stuff into the bin or donating. It’s really about the energy, the invisible energy of your home, and making it work to support you and attract the life of your dreams. 

Wherever you are in your Feng Shui journey, the key is to really tap into your home’s energy. Do things that feel good for you, that spark feelings of abundance, of love, of success, of wealth. Fung Shui is like acupuncture for your home. It’s about getting the energy moving and flowing in a way that supports your dreams, your desires, and your life. 

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