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Discover what *YOUR* Feng Shui story could look like! Poppins of Prosperity! Meet Patricia. The Mary

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…if you want to upgrade your life with tried-and-tested methods that deliver — every time. I’m Patricia. A coach, healer, Feng Shui expert, and a passionate entrepreneur.

Prosperity, abundance… These words get thrown around a lot. But after working with 1000s of women just like you over the last two decades, helping them design the life they want…I can tell you: all they mean is the Good Life.

That could be a 6, 7, or 8-figure business. A spacious pool villa with a tropical garden someplace warm year-round. Or a small cottage house in the countryside for a city break with your loved one. Whatever YOUR vision of Good Life is…My job is to help you get it — quickly and easily.

Whom do I serve?

I tapped into my true passions and used the power of manifestation to attract my dream life. I’ve been there, told the tale, got the T-shirt, and am now sewing it up for other brave women who are ready to change their lives.

I’ve worked with women from all walks of life: successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, homemakers, women in corporate, artists, writers, athletes, heart-centred coaches, healers, designers…One thing they all have in common? They decided to level up. Invest in themselves. Stop asking for approval.


is my middle name

Your Inner World is your feelings, cognition, mindset, and personal history. This Inner World affects your outer world (environment) and vice versa. When you work on both simultaneously, you’re set to achieve great things.

ANYONE is one decision away from manifesting the Good Life. You, too, can create your Good Life by using Feng Shui. (Don’t worry. All this means is harnessing the power of the mind, environment, and inner healing.)

The origins of Mary

Poppings of Prosperity

Born and bred in Western Ireland, I always felt the deep dichotomy of life. On the one hand, I set out on the spiritual path quite young, at 15. But at the same time, I had a burning passion for business, progress, and the financial rewards that come with it. But because I didn’t know how to reconcile those two aspects of myself, my energy was unbalanced, and I was stuck in a life I felt wasn’t mine.

Rough times. I worked like crazy and got caught in chasing the shiny objects…Designer shoes, bags, and clothes. Nice apartment and a matching BMW parked outside. On the outside, my life was looking fab. On the inside, it was dark and lonely. My relationships were suffering. I went through periods of severe binge drinking…Not knowing if I will ever make it to the other side. Have you ever been at that dark, solitary place in your life?

Then, suddenly, I decided to finally step into my destiny and start creating the life I wanted for myself. I moved to India to study as a yoga teacher and since then, a lot of yoga, chanting and healing took place. But what REALLY moved the needle was deciding to delve deep into the ancient practice of Feng Shui. Applying these timeless tips, techniques, and tools was a total game-changer.

The first big success I had with Feng Shui? Calling my husband, Ken, into my life! Second one? Putting myself in the service of many wonderful women worldwide who applied these methods and transformed their lives.

The third? As a result of this service, I built multiple 6-figure businesses and moved to Bali. Most importantly, I have the freedom to do what I want, where I want, with the person I love — and I want you to have the same.

My Mission Now

I still love nice stuff. I’m not immune to a nice bag or an exquisite piece of artwork or jewellery. But now I can appreciate them for what they are (instead of using them to fill a hole in my soul.) I firmly believe that blessings need to be shared.

I want to bring my knowledge, expertise and positive power to women just like you. Yes, you can achieve anything you want with the right mental attitude and these 5,000-year-old tried and tested techniques.

Are you ready to:

You & Me = Team

I can help you reach a transformation beyond everything you thought was possible. Yes, I can hold your hand every step of the way. But you have to make that first step.

You’re one decision away from bringing to life everything you ever wanted. The only question is…Are you ready?

We Might Be a

Match Made

in Heaven If...

…you’re a woman who knows what she wants and is ready to take action. It’s okay if that wasn’t the case before. You’re ready now. That’s all that matters. As women, we often feel a lot of guilt and shame for going after what we want. When I was working for my family, I felt guilty for wanting more. I wasn’t starving, I had nice stuff, money on my bank account… But I knew my life was bigger.

Are you this way, too?
It’s okay if you feel you have a bigger purpose in life.
Even if you don’t know exactly what it is.
Even if no one has your back.
I will be that someone.

What Can I Do For You?

I'll be with you every step of the

way and help you to:

What I Stand For?

Charity is close to my heart. I worked with autistic and special needs children in Ireland after returning from Nepal as a sound and energy healer. Currently, I’m supporting Foundation Nepal who I volunteered with. I’m passionate about their philosophy, supporting Nepalese women and giving a hand up instead of a handout.

I’m heart-centred, intuitive, and colourful. And you’ll find I bring intense passion and personality to all that I do. Success in Business is both an inside and outside job. I can help you with both & hold your hand every step of the way. But you have to make that first step. You’re one decision away from bringing to life everything you ever wanted. The only question is… Are you ready? I know you are. Let’s do this, girl.


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