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How I rock…

I’m Patricia, a coach, a healer, a Feng Shui expert and passionate female entrepreneur who has shaped my dream life. I’ve ended up on my path because I’ve seen first hand the power of the mind, surroundings and inner healing, clearing and aligning everything so it works holistically.


I’m an experienced success-preneur with Manifestation as my middle name! Not only do I have a multitude of skills from Reiki to Feng Shui, I’m a pro at positivity and total life transformation, in my own world and for others!


Your inner world (your mindset/history) completely affects your outer world (environment) and vice versa so when you can work on both simultaneously, you’re set to achieve great things! My aim in life is to bring my knowledge and positive power to women across the world, showing them they can achieve anything they want with the right mental attitude and tried and tested techniques, I’m total proof that this works.


I’m an incredibly spiritual person but I’m practical too and a Business Coach in my own right. I love nothing more than business and have 15 years of experience running and growing three successful start ups of my own, I’ve been where you are right now and it’s my personal experience combined with my expertise that will help me to shape your mindset and environment, making your dreams become reality.


I will detox your business, unstick your beliefs, de-clutter your busy mind and show you what your successful life looks like, getting you on the fast-track to alignment with your dreams.


I work with women who know what they want and are willing to take action. Working in partnership with my clients, I can make them Realise, Envisage, Achieve and Love their lives. Keeping it REAL!

 How I roll…

I grew up on the west coast of Ireland but have always been a travelaholic. A true life Eat Pray Love tale, I’ve travelled the world and discovered great food, fine wines, yoga, dancing and chanting, finding my true self, discovering my calling and culminating in true love. I met my soul mate walking over hot coals and last year we tied the knot in our garden, dancing up the aisle to “Happy” by Pharrell.


The most important thing about me is that I’ve lived a magnetic life that I’ve consciously created for myself, eliminating and continually clearing the baggage that holds us all back. I’ve tapped into my true passions and used the power of manifestation personally, to attract my dream life. Meaning I’ve been there, told the tale, got the T-shirt and I’m now sewing it up for other successful women like me who are ready to jump on board and make these changes in their lives.


Charity is close to my heart and I believe in a cycle of love-give-receive. I’m currently supporting Foundation Nepal who I volunteered with. I’m passionate about their philosophy, supporting Nepalese women to give a hand up instead of a hand out.


I’m heart centred, intuitive, colourful and characterful, bringing intense passion and personality to all that I do, I’m the self-professed Manifestation Queen!

I LOVE combining all of my skills as a successful entrepreneur, a healer and a Feng Shui practitioner which teach that –

 Success in Business is an inside and outside job…

To find out more about how I can support you in your business and maximise your potential click here


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