Holy crap…
The first of May

I hardly know what day it is…
Let alone the month of May is upon us…

On Wednesday we had the local Balinese priest come to our home to do a ceremony – blessing the home and for energetic protection. I had to don my ceremony outfit..

It felt like preparing for the stations of the cross (an old tradition in Ireland – where the entire house was renovated before the priest & entire village came) it was a big deal!!

It was on an auspicious day for house blessings – There was chanting, bell ringing, offerings, blessings, prayers, fire ceremony & the women walked around the entire property with holy water – whilst chanting.

It was such a beautiful experience and it felt so good – especially since we have committed to this house for longer than anywhere before & redecorated – even got new furniture. If you don’t follow me on Instagram – do here.. I’ve been tracking the entire upgrade!

Today, May Day – I was reading about the ancient festival of Bealtaine the cross quarter day marking the midway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

The name is said to derive from Old Irish, meaning “bright fire” where Bel means light – the Celtic sun and healer god was Belenus.

I was amazed, delighted but not surprised to read how fire, flowers & walking the perimeter of our homes are recommended on May Day.

In ancient times the main Beltane fire was lit at the Hill of Uisneach in County Westmeath – regarded as the centre of the country and traditionally known as the navel of Ireland. Prior to the lighting of the main fire, hearth fires were extinguished and cinders and torches from the main bonfire would pass from townland to townland where each community would light their own bonfires. Passing between two bonfires was seen as a rite of purification and herds of cattle were driven between two fires in many villages.

Other traditions on Bealtaine include walking the circuit of one’s property (beating the bounds), repairing fences and boundary markers as well as feasting, dancing and drinking.

Ceremony & ritual have often been bypassed in the modern world (unlike Bali) and not deemed important – right now I feel like we are being shown what is important & recognising that even the simplest symbolic ritual can bring us back to connection with Spirit/God/Buddha / universal source and recognise how lucky & blessed we are.

What ritual could you do to celebrate May Day – to welcome the light & summer?

A few easy suggestions include…
– Ring a bell around your home
– Do a space clearing ritual
– Light a fire to symbolise purification
– Walk around your property appreciating it & the land it’s on.
– Pick some flowers and leave on a neighbours doorstep

I’d love to know what ancient traditions you have at this time of the year.. hit reply & tell me

Sending you much love & light,

Patricia xxx

P.S. 🏡I’m delighted to have welcomed new members to our Happy Home Programme – doors close tomorrow *nudge *nudge *wink *wink – if you were asking for a sign this is it. 🥰

P.S.S. 💃We are also plotting & planning some amazing new ‘virtual fun’ after the incredible dance party on Wednesday 💃

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