Are you like me?

I like things to be done yesterday 🤦♀️

Patience was never one of my strong points..

The past two weeks the messages / signs / have been coming through


I couldn’t ignore them anymore..


SLOW down.
Let go

I realised with all the go go go –

the push & rush

I’ve missed the point of the doing…

To enjoy and savour the little moments.

Actual ENJOY the fruits

Take time to BE rather than DO.

We are human beings, not human doings.

Last year, I leaned so heavily into the push – go – masculine and it all imploded (it was messy and not a happy time and only now I really realise the deeper why it all exploded)

I had some big lessons to learn (which I did)

Yet, recently I noticed there was still a part of me holding onto the push – masculine – go go go and not trusting fully.

Trusting that things are working out and always in the perfect timing (despite having sooo many examples of how it’s always working out)

Have a think?

-Where are you gripping too hard – let go

-What are you ‘trying hard’ to manifest – let go & trust it’s coming.

-What are you doing doing doing? Stop & enjoy!

I know let go sounds easier than actually doing but even bringing your awareness to it will help

Have a think about a few times when you just trusted things would work out & how they did.. allow that energy flow into your body & mind..

Breathe into your body & let a gentle sigh out – relax your body and notice how it works perfectly without you having to ‘do’ anything!

Hit reply & let me know a time when you truly Let go & it all worked out I’d love to hear …





P.S. If you missed the most recent episode on the podcast you can check it out here Kelsey was sooo great

P.P.S. Tomorrow I’m doing a Feng Shui Q&A in the FB Group – if you have a question you can submit it here.

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