When I mean work it’s not my actual work…

It’s looking inside clearing, releasing and uncovering the crap that’s not serving me…

But actually this bit of work is really what makes my work,life and relationships easier.

Obviously my place is Feng Shui’d 😉 and set up for success ;0

Yet there are so many layers that we often don’t realise can be holding us back from what we want..

To allow in.

Enter the Queen of receiving…

I met Patty a couple of years ago in a mastermind.

We hit it off immediately (we love all things spiritual and magical)

Last year, I went through a particularly ‘tricky’ part in my life and business.

I couldn’t make head nor tail of it.

Enter Patty.
She stepped in and gave me insights to help me understand what was going on and how to move through it as I was resisting and blocking what I wanted.

On Monday I had her on the podcast – you can listen to her here or watch the interview here.

What I have learned from Patty is to receive everything – yes it all (the yuck stuff too)

She has a Mary Poppins bag of tools that I love and is going to be teaching some of them over the next few weeks in her free training – click here to get access to them

I’ll be tuning in too as its like peeling an onion – there are soo many layers,

I hope to see you there,

In the meantime have a fabulous weekend.



P.S. Next week I have a surprise for you which I KNOW will go soo well with Patty’s Training I’m gonna be hosting a series of Healing Meditations over the next few weeks to How to Feng Shui your Mercury Retrograde keep an eye out for it 😉

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