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Attract a New Partner with Feng Shui

The power Feng Shui can be used in so many areas of your life, and finding a new relationship is no different. I actually used Feng Shui to call in my soulmate, my now-husband, Ken, and I cannot wait to share with you exactly what I did.

Your environment is key to calling in love into your space. Your home needs to be prepared for this new love but you want to call in. Now when I was looking to call in love into my life, I actually had just moved into a new apartment and I was getting myself set up. Within a few months, I had called in my now-husband, Ken.



How can you make your environment ready for a new partner?

Sort out your bedroom.

When I met Ken, I was living in an apartment my sister used to live in. I had to re-do how she had the bedroom to call in love.

There was a mirror facing the door when you walked in. I covered it with a really beautiful net.
The bed was pushed up against the wall and there wasn’t space for someone else to get in the bed. When a bed is pushed up against the wall, it’s pushing love away…pushing the romance away.

Here’s what I did to attract a new partner with Feng Shui:

1. Create space around the bed.

I created balance on both sides of the bed by making some space for that new person. This is basically saying to the universe, there’s space for someone else in this room, there’s space for someone in my life, in my bed, and that’s what we want to do.

Now that there was space, I placed two bedside tables on either side of the bed – one for each of us – and got beautiful, matching lamps. Think in pairs, for you and your new partner.

2. Focus on rest, romance, and relaxation.

Confession: I’m not a naturally tidy person, but I set the intention that this bedroom was going to be literally a Zen room for love, romance, rest, and relaxation. And, I did my best. I wanted my new partner to walk through or past my bedroom and feel a spark of joy. And, I was just so proud of it looking so organized and clear of stuff.

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3. Remove work materials.

I don’t want you sleeping with your business or with your work. Your bedroom’s attention should be focused on you and your partner, not on work. Remove old files and the piles of paper. Create the space for that person in your life.

If you must have your office in your bedroom, cover it with a beautiful shawl at the end of the night.

4. Respect his space.

I left his side of the bed and the new bedside table empty. I actually slept on my side of the bed too. Yes, I literally got into my side of the bed and left his side, vacant and empty. (I also tried really hard not to sleep like a starfish every single night.

The next thing that I did was I emptied out space in my wardrobe. I know you might be thinking, oh my god; not my wardrobe. Honestly, this is a game-changer because you want to let the universe know, I’m looking for someone who’s going to come to sleep over. I want someone that’s going to be here to stay. I want to fall in love with someone. I want to have committed to having space for that person, they’re going to have space to put their clothes in the bedside tables, there’s going to be space for them to put clothes in the wardrobe so that they can stay over.

Yes, making space is really important. So, you’re going to have to go through your wardrobe and just take some pieces out and leave some empty hangers for your new partner.

Pro Tip: I wanted a tall guy, so I emptied some of the high shelves because it was going to be space for him and he could reach up high and put his clothes up there.

5. Make some upgrades.

Upgrade the linens and sheets. Get fresh pillows for you and your new partner. Purchase some artwork that represents the kind of relationship you are calling in. Think about the vision you have for your relationship and create your room based on that vision. Just remember to think in pairs with balance and energy toward what you really want.

6. Throw out the past.

Get rid of anything connected to your exes. Now you may have things that feel like there’s no real connection, but if there’s a memory attached to an item, I don’t recommend holding on to it, because it’s almost like you’re holding on to that relationship a little bit, and when you let go of it, you’re making space for that, that amazing relationship into your life.

Get rid of things like wedding dresses, engagement rings, wedding shoes, wedding albums, and even just gifts that you’ve got from past lovers and partners because all of them have an energetic connection to that past person.

It’s time to energetically let go of the past and remove early memories of past partners out of your bedroom, and out of your home, overall. Now your environment can either attract or repel your potential partner and honestly by taking these small steps, you can attract a new partner using the power of Feng Shui.

Want more tips to calling in love into your life?

I created a super helpful guide just for this moment. I’ve given you tons of insight for you to be able to create a physical environment that is literally magnetic to your soulmate, and your perfect partner so you can fall in love.

Download my guide to calling love into your life.