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Attract More Luck with Feng Shui

How to attract more luck into your life? You know, do we need four leaf clovers? Do we need horseshoes?, or is all this luck thing about hocus pocus and it’s a pure fluke when something good happens to you?. 


I don’t actually believe in that. I feel like that we can really open ourselves up to call in so much more than we can possibly imagine if we allowed it. Now that is really diving more into the mindset thing, and I’m going to be talking a little bit more about it from a Feng Shui perspective. Because Feng Shui is all about tapping into universal flow and the source energy. So it’s very connected to the Taoism philosophy and for me when I think about Taoism and that philosophy, it’s about tapping into this sense of flow. 

Oftentimes when I connect with the Taoism energy, I feel like I’m seeing a river and when we’re on a river, it’s always moving like we’re just in the flow and you’re moving along, and things start to happen. And you know, the river will just move around a big boulder, and if there’s a big boulder there, it’ll still maneuver around and then there could be a big pool of water and a beautiful stream. That’s really what we want and I think that when we are tapped in and we’re connected with this flow, that’s where we are at our luckiest. Because there’s no major obstacles and if there is one, the water just kind of glides around it. So we kind of like the boulders don’t really make much of a difference to us and that’s actually what I see with my clients. When we actually turn their home into magnets for money, luck, blessing using my PowerHouse protocol, it can make a huge difference in terms of just activating and tapping people into this flow state. 

How do you get more luck and how do you tap into this flow state?


The first thing I would say to you is about intention, and you have to kind of open yourself up to thinking “yes, good things can happen to me and good things are happening to me”. I remember years ago working with a client who was just like things just keep getting worse. So I keep asking myself like how does it get any worse than this? And literally every day it just kept showing up getting worse and worse and worse because our thoughts and you may not believe this or not, our thoughts do really create our reality and if we’re tapping into it from a negative place and from a heaviness place, we’re not able to actually give ourselves space to see all of the positive things that are happening for us in our life.

Start To Focus On What Is Working

So I really invite you to rather than kind of focus down on what’s not working, start to focus on what is working. Honestly, I love this quote from Abraham, it’s like “the better gets the better, gets the better it gets”. And then what happens is, we start to see things happening more and more and more in our life from these things, more things improving. That’s when I like to see people starting to really tap into the idea of the Feng Shui because we may be in a sense of flow, and then something happens and jolts us. 

In my experience over the years, growing up, we moved houses 22 times. One of the house that we moved into was so difficult, it was like we were in flow, everything was flow, flow, flow and we moved into this house and everything kind of changed and was like “what the hell just happened?” Because our physical environments changed the energy of the home that we’re in that was tapped into that flow and things going smoothly change and the new house, none of that flow. It was so difficult. 

When it comes to luck, we can create partly our own luck, but there is luck associated with each and every home and that luck can literally be impacting our capacity to be lucky. What do I mean by lucky? I mean by, if you wanted to get a promotion in work or if you wanted to call in a new dreamy client, or if you wanted to get featured in the media, and you knew deep down that this was part of your destiny and part of like all the work you’ve been doing was leading towards this, but it still wasn’t happening despite doing your best and it felt like you were kind of like going uphill. Basically instead of flowing down with a river you’ve turned around and you’re like  this shouldn’t be this hard. That’s when clients and people usually find me, because they’re like, there is something going on. I have been doing all of the mindset work, I’ve been journaling, I’ve been healing my beliefs and my blocks that could be holding me back from this. What else could it be? and I’m here to say that if you found me it literally could be your home. 

I have several different trainings and lots of videos that you’re going to be able to explore about your capacity to call in luck but the most important one for me that I want to share with you is the quiz that I created. This quiz it’s like eight questions. Just go to and that quiz will give you an insight into the different types of houses. Because there is luck for money in Feng Shui, there’s luck for health and well being, and relationships. You may be super lucky in terms of your abundance and wealth, but like friendships and relationships and all of that go a bit askew and they’re not that helpful and it’s not good and this bickering or arguments, all of that, that can be on the other side. It could be like some parts are good and other parts not so much and what I really want, what we want to know first of all is what is the situation? and that’s what this quiz will give you an analysis of what is going on with your house that is basically attracting luck or repelling luck. And then you’ll be able to start to take action on really realizing, “oh, it’s not me, it’s my house”, and then you can start diving into it and to calling in that energy of luck for yourself. 

So I have an incredible guide for you. That is the checklist that’s going to show you room by room, what exactly you can be doing to improve the flow of energy and activate Feng Shui in your home. This guide, the checklist is usually just for my clients, you can grab that guide at that will move you through every single room to Feng Shui your space and get that flow all the things that you want coming into your life easy peasy. 

Luck is available to you all have the exact same capacity to create whatever it is that we want in our lives. What I want you to really focus on is that if there’s something that you want, something that you desire, something that you envision, it is available for you and I have just attracted so many amazing things into my life and I want to kind of be just to, I don’t know, a role model or to say to you, like if there’s something that you really want, that is true, and you can have it, but sometimes there’s the roadblocks so we have to figure out what those roadblocks are. So is it emotional? Is it a mindset thing? Is it a house thing and looking at it from a Feng Shui perspective? Do the quiz and get an idea then because it could be the quiz. You could be doing all the right things and in that flow all of a sudden, you’ve like moved to a new house or the energy of the house has changed and it does change annually. I hope this has been useful, because I do believe that you have the capacity to call in whatever it is you want to call in more luck, more blessings, and you home could be the biggest, most powerful magnet to call all of that in.

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