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Attract the Life you Crave with Feng Shui

How to attract a life that you crave? Basically calling in your biggest wildest dreams and desires into your home, and into your life. Because if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

When we have big dreams I read this amazing quote years ago like “big dreams are given to us so that we can grow into them” and that’s something that I really stand by and I’m going to talk to you about a few of the things that you can do around your home to support you with those big dreams.



First of all, without even knowing what Feng Shui is, you have an amazing opportunity to tap into this powerful energetic force field that is called your home. Under your toes and over your head your home has a personality and it is either supporting you to create this beautiful dream life or it can be sabotaging you. I know it sounds super dramatic and I’m not trying to fear or scare you. But I believe that there’s a huge opportunity for you right now to start activating your home to really live these big dreams. Because every area of your home represents a different part of your life and Feng Shui is like acupuncture for your home. 

If you think about your body, and your body has organs that are functioning, doing their job, so your heart has a job, your lungs, your kidneys, your liver, all of these organs in your body have a function and they’re doing it without you having to tell it what to do. But if one of them isn’t imbalanced, then you start getting sick or not that well and then it leads on and affects all other areas of your body, all the other organs are impacted. It’s the same with Feng Shui, every part of your home represents a different part of your life. I have a very detailed video that describes all of the nine areas. So if there’s a certain part of your life that you want to amp up or improve, you can easily go and look for that part and declutter it, clear it out and make some space for what it is that you want to call in. 

Now, creating and calling in your dream life starts at home. We often in the personal development world are told that we have to go out there to fix ourselves and to fix this but actually it starts here, it starts in our own body, our mindset and in our home that the things that we have our control over. We don’t have any control of what’s going on outside, like what’s going on in the world, in the economy but what we do have is this beautiful environment that we can work with and energetically align to support us. 

The first thing I want to talk about is bringing more flow into your home. In Feng Shui there are different layers : the visible and the invisible energies. In my Feng Shui mini course we talk much more deeply about the visible and invisible energies. But as we are in this I want to give you some actionable tips that you can take around your house today to improve and start getting active about what is supporting you or not supporting you in your home to attract in this amazing life that’s waiting for you. Because as I said if you can dream it, you can have it. It’s there. It’s available. 

I want to talk about the energy of joy because if we want to live a life that is full of you know that you’re craving. It has to have the energy of not necessarily having the energy of joy, but it needs to have that element of joy, happiness, and divine like connection that you’re feeling just fulfilled, happy, and things are in flow that is really the essence. That’s what we really want to achieve when we are balancing our homes using Feng Shui. It’s about balancing them so that we come into the perfect harmonic balance and everything then moves swiftly, smoothly, easily, and happily along. Why do I bring up the word joy? Well, I love Marie Kondo, and I love the huge like amazing energy she has brought to the idea of spark joy and I want you to start to think about that in your own home. Have you ever reflected on your home and not just your overall home itself, but on the items that you have in your home? Do they spark joy? Do they make you feel good? Do they make you feel excited, happy, inspired? There’s such a huge opportunity on your walls in your home, to make your home become a vision board for your future. 

Make your home become a vision board for what it is that you want to create. Call in on how you want to feel. I’m just thinking of one of my clients, she really wanted to spend time in LA and by the beach and living a kind of a tropical life. So she painted her house like so much of the art around her home had that kind of vibe like LA style images and after she did the decorating, she just kind of had that she wanted this special kind of boho vibe. That’s the decor and you know with Feng Shui your personal decor actually Feng Shui doesn’t impinge on it like it doesn’t stop you from decorating your home in the vibe that you wanted to or you want to feel of it, all it does is balance and harmonize. The areas energetically like acupuncture, it’s all kind of make bad or you know, they actually can complement each other. So she had this very boho vibe and literally months later, she’s like I moved to LA you know it all started with the artwork around her and making her house feel like the feeling that she wanted. Oftentimes when we get started with our homes, we try to stick to this as it has to be like this and this. Our homes don’t sometimes express our own personalities. Our home certainly there’s many parts of it that express who I am, what I want to achieve, and that’s what I want you to start thinking about with your home because different items will have different energy and you’ll feel it in your heart. Does this spark joy? Does this not spark joy? Is it aligning where I want to go, what I want to call in, and the life I want to create? So I have a list of books, the first one is called sacred places of a lifetime. It’s a travel book. The second one is called the travel book, the third one is about unforgettable things to do in the world that isn’t actually our travel area. But before we went traveling on the road I cleared out so many books out of my life that I was like I’m never going to read that. I’ve covered that, I’m letting go of these books that are related to old businesses or careers, all of that gone. What has been the mainstay of our life, Ken and I’s life since we Feng Shui’d this house and then went on the road was travel and there are literally things from different countries, different books about travel all over our place. Basically huge pictures that say adventure and that really kind of embodied what has unfolded for us in our life. So it’s not an accident, there’s an intentionality behind it. So be careful and this is the thing it’s like there’s like a caveat emperor with this that makes sure that the things you have are align with what you want and not what you don’t want. 

Second, think about the artwork on the walls, are there places that you want to go? Are there kinds of relationships that you want to have? What images reflect on what it is that you want to do? I was Feng Shui’ing a business years ago, and we sat in the foyer, actually the company and the whole team were on board. It was just so amazing and I said to them, where do you want this business to go? Where are you going to go? And they are all like “London”. So this is the Dublin office and they knew that they wanted their next office to be London. So I said well then we need to be in your travel area, in your office, that anchor of London so it’s like reminding everybody, anchoring and putting it out there that is super important. 

The next thing about attracting the life that you crave. This comes to mind really significantly from one of my clients. She lived in LA and she had called me in because she was feeling really stuck in her life and after my first session, she came on and said “I’ve thrown all my furniture out” and I was like “What?”. In Feng Shui it’s not about throwing all of your furnitures and actually I never tell people to get rid of furniture really at all, except for this certain instances like so the first this what she realized when I kind of told her this about like everything has an energy, like how does it make you feel? She realized that the furniture in her house she had bought when she was going through a divorce. It was just that she moved out, it was a divorce it was a very hard time for her. She just kind of bought it because she just like I need it right now. She said it just made her down when she thought about it and she didn’t realize she was sitting on the couch looking at the table all those things. So she ended up just being like, “I’m letting it go, I’m starting new”. I actually got the opportunity to visit her home after she Feng Shui’d it and It was absolutely amazing like the energy from every piece, it was like every single piece was purchased with love with intention with this sense of like, I’m upping my game and moving to the next level and it was so profound, how everything around the space was just perfect, like not perfect we just aligned with her. So for example, in her living room behind the couch to these two big pictures and if you do watch the video about the nine areas you’ll learn about how they are but the new beginnings area happened to be right behind her couch and it was amazing she had this picture of these, her place and the kind of styled in this art deco way it was such an expression of her she’s really beautiful, classy, and then behind her the big picture of these two plain old antique kind of planes, propeller planes. It was just really in fitting with the whole style and the decor and nobody would have known. I said to her “what does this symbolize to you?” and she said, “Well, this is my new beginning and I want to propel forward”. So every time she walks into her home, the first thing she saw was this image of reminding her to propel forward. Now you might be thinking I can’t throw up my furniture, I can’t upgrade, I’m not able to do that yet. I get it, you know everything when we started our house here was like borrowed, secondhand shop, everything was done on a budget. But what’s happened is we’ve slowly started to operate like everything has come and been upgraded one step at a time and then we choose things with real intentionality. 

So I really want to emphasize and encourage you to number one, maybe just look at the cushions and be like, Oh, maybe I’ll upgrade my cushions and just do these small incremental upgrades in your space. You don’t have to redecorate your whole home to Feng Shui it and I just want to kind of feel like I’ve been talking about that here but there is an element of that’s available but to actually do Feng Shui you can just change the energy very quickly using the deeper practice which I teach in my PowerHouse program. What I do is dive and explain a lot more in the Feng Shui mini course that will give you more best practices that you can do around your house, but also get to see behind the scenes of how we have done different things in our own house here and give you a good insight about you know, upgrading the furniture as I said, you can do incremental upgrades, just small things like you know, get a new candle, change the cushions, maybe go to the shop and take and see “oh if we’re gonna upgrade our couch this is what it’s going to be” and get excited about the new one and not like deplete it, like “it’s gonna cost so much money” just go into the “oh, I can look for this” or see what are the little things you can do to improve and increase the energy because our environment mirrors us and if we’re not excited about the things around us and it doesn’t feel that energy in that joy we’re not going to be able to call in the life that we crave. 

If you enjoyed this training, this guidance, you would really really enjoy my free Feng Shui checklist. This is a checklist that guides you into every single room of your home. I give you step by step things that you can do in every room to improve the energy and amplify it and turn your house into a powerhouse. So you can get that at and I can’t wait for you to download and start taking action. 

I hope that you enjoy this training and go check out the Feng Shui mini course. I have seen countless, oh my god, countless women from all over the world really start to embrace and live the life that they crave. Like actually start living their vision boards like that’s what they have shared with me.

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