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Attract Your Dream Job Using Feng Shui

How to attract your dream job using Feng Shui?. Yes, don’t we all want to be in a career that we absolutely love doing what we love?. There’s a lot of talk about using Feng Shui to call in all the things and I’m definitely a fan of it for money, luck, blessings, and all the things.

I have to say for me, Feng Shui has definitely called in my dream career and I couldn’t have even imagined that it was going to be Feng Shui even though it kind of happened that way. I just want to give you a little bit of a backstory to understand my experience of calling in my dream job or career.


Many years ago, I worked in a business with my family, it was very difficult at the time, I worked for eight years in it. It was not my soul’s purpose and every single Friday, I cried on the couch. It was a huge joke for my family and for my colleagues at work they’re like Friday, cry day. I was so unhappy and unfulfilled with what I was doing and I have no idea why I was crying every Friday and what I realized now when I look back on that time was that every Friday my soul was trying to call me. It was like you’re in the wrong place, you’re doing the wrong thing. It’s not the relationship, it’s not the job. It’s just like you’re just not aligned with what you’re meant to be doing. 

So a very long story short, I ended up going to India and becoming a yoga yoga teacher.  Here I am fast forward doing Feng Shui, but while I was wandering around India, I literally have no idea what I was going to do. I have worked in our family business for eight years, I kind of haven’t been for a job interview in maybe 10 years. I don’t know what to even put on my CV at that time. So I found an affirmation that I use, and you’re gonna hear it roll off my tongue that’s because I said it so many times, about 10 years ago. I work at a job I truly enjoy doing, working with people I love, love me, expressing my creative talents every single day. Now, after I came back to Ireland, and realized that I’d have to pay bills, live and eat, I also added that I’d get really well. Well paid for doing that job. 

If you’d like to use that affirmation, I highly recommend it. I used to write it, I used to say it and what is really important to know about that affirmation, that intention was like, it didn’t have a job description. It didn’t say, “Patricia, you’re going to be a Feng Shui teacher”, “Patricia, you’re going to be a yoga teacher”, it didn’t say that. What it said was “I worked at a job that I truly enjoy doing. I’m so happy doing this, can you not see my joy when I do this?”. So I really enjoyed it, working with people I love, who love me. I love my team, everyone we work with, expressing my creative talents. Like every day, I kind of get to be creative and do the things I love to do and express myself in ways that I probably never would have got to do before and eventually getting really well paid for it. So that’s also work and by default it happened to be Feng Shui. I know the story feels like how do I attract my dream job?. But the one thing I want you to get clear on is like how do you want to feel?, and the real big part of this is the sense of clarity

When you get that sense of clarity, not just like the job description, but get that sense of clarity of the people, the place, the kinds of work you’re doing, you know, really being able to hone in your best skills. So get a pen and paper and start to think about all the jobs that you’ve done. All the work that you’ve ever done, and journal the things that you love doing. Like I love interacting with people. That’s how I ended up in hospitality for so long but I also love helping people and I love sharing things I’m really passionate about. It’s like what are the things I’m super enthusiastic and passionate about different things?. Get that onto a piece of paper and start to connect with your intention for what it is that you want. 

Now we’re going to kind of get into the Feng Shui part but what I would say to you in terms of the Feng Shui part is leg go of anything that is connected to your old career. You may be in your current job right now and career, that’s cool and honestly what I would also say about if you are in your current job or career is like don’t get like crack with it and say “I hate this place” because that’s going to create more of that friction. What about seeing all the good things about it and be like “I’m excited that this is my jump off point to the next place”

I have to say that I said it was horrible at my job. But honestly, my first yoga teacher, my first coach, my first people who supported me and taught me about astrology, all came to me in that old job. I met them through that old job. So if I didn’t do that job, I wouldn’t have got to where I am now, because I wouldn’t have met those people. So you have to trust that where you are right now is perfect, and acknowledge how good it is, and then start to let go of anything from your past job. 

I always think of a Tony Robbins coach that I worked with, who also had been like a massive chef in her past career, so we looked at her office. Her office had all of her chef books but none of books about personal development, or Tony Robbins. The space was kind of full of  her old career and I said let’s get rid of all this stuff from your old career and bring in things into your space that align with your current career. She had such a huge shift in clients coming into her life after that, letting go of the past. So get rid of anything to do with your old job, old career, old payslips. I remember doing a declutter here of our house and Ken, we found payslips from like the 1980s in the attic. The house isn’t even that old and Ken jumped up there. So all that work stuff needs to go.

Career Area

The next thing that we want to talk about is your career area. So when we talked about Feng Shui, we always have different parts of your home representing different parts of your life and your business. The career area is the North part of your home. You can get your compass out and you could figure out where the North area is just generally, don’t get to kind of like, “oh my God, where is it exactly?”. If you just get a compass on your phone, start to see where the North is generally, just go over to that area and stand in it. 

Look around and see if there’s anything in there that is not working, that’s broken. My favorite things to do are release all of that stuff, get things working and operating. Then maybe start to think about that affirmation, write it down, and pop it into that area. Maybe there’s a company that you want to work with. I remember hearing this a couple of years ago, with a lady who really wanted to work for a certain company, she was just like, “this is who I want to work for”, and she got the logo of that company and popped it in that area. She also had special plastic bags, on the bag, the logo of the company was on it and she hooked it at the end of her bed. 

If you’ve seen my video, YouTube video all about Feng Shui and Art, you’ll know how it’s subliminally coming into your life. If there is a company that you want to work with, get that logo out there. My sister did this and she said that she wants to work for a really high lux brands, because she’d been working for supermarket brands for loads of years in accountancy. She’s like, No, I wanna work for a luxury brand. She got a job working for Yves Saint Laurant. I don’t know how luxury she could get. So when you get clear about it, and you don’t have to get that specific with it but if you do have an idea of the kind of company you want to work with other people, that’s a really good starting point.

Action Is Not In attraction For No Reason

The next thing is my favorite word of all, action is not in attraction for no reason. So you have to clear out, you have to get clear on what you want, and you have to start taking action. That action may involve pimping up your CV, it may involve just really going and reaching out to friends, researching the company, and start applying for jobs. I always think that attracting your dream job and career is exactly the same as attracting love, like you have to go on a dating site, you have to get yourself connected with the different things. When my sister has a changed in her job, she literally went on and just changed her LinkedIn profile, and then all of a sudden it came in, really just take an action on that but make sure your career space is nice and clear, clean and organized. If there’s a specific item that would represent your dream job, bring that into your North area. 

Just to reflect back, number one, get that affirmation or pick, create an affirmation for you. Number two, get clarity on the type of job that you want, the type of environment that you want. Number three, check out your north area, clear it out and get something anchored in there that’s going to represent it and then take action. 

I have an incredible guide for you, that is a checklist. That’s going to show you room by room. What exactly you can be doing to improve the flow of energy and activate Feng Shui in your home. This guide and checklist is usually just for my client, so you’re in luck that you’ll be able to get it as a gift from me. You can grab that guide at and that will move you through every single room to Feng Shui your space and get that flow of all the things that you want coming into your life.

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