This week.

Back to work. 

At a new unexpected desk…

We ended up on the move again at the weekend.

I wanted to go back to bed and hide,

I’ve been on holidays for two weeks and supposed to feel refreshed,

energised and raring to go..


I wasn’t.

I really didn’t want to look at the screen or do anything. I wanted to stay in hiding and hibernation – just like the animals do at this time of the year!

Right now in the northern hemisphere it’s winter time to take stock, in the Celtic Calendar it’s still Samhain time to go inward plant seeds of dreams and intentions.

Not rush out go go go… like we are led to believe.

Interestingly, Feng Shui and the Chinese calendar the New Year doesn’t start until February #watch this space

Even the Balinese New Year is in March all which work with cycles…

For me it makes sense and feels good for February to be the start when the days get longer, the buds start to grow… clear action starts, spring cleaning happens….

Right now the work is done under the covers… go gently and go easily

So if things haven’t be flowing like you thought they ‘should’ be…

Have a think about using the next couple of weeks as time to plant the seeds of intention ENVISION what it is you want to create and see come to flourish over the year ahead…

I LOVED reading your BE DO and HAVES and today…


Today’s quick nugget is going to give you permission to go for it..


Once you’ve watch…  it think about one simple easy (under the covers) ACTION that you could do this week that will get you closer to one of those be do and haves…


Hit reply and let me know what action you could take 🙂

I can’t wait to hear… share and declaring is the fastest way to see it unfold.

Have a wonderful week,


Patricia xxx


P.S. If you haven’t heard I’ll be heading back to Bali … YES my dreamy retreat and would love to have you join me there. The last few places on my retreat are being filled up… Click here to check out the most magical week in Bali this March… and join me! 

P.P.S. My easy action… we took at the weekend was wandering around a home store getting inspo for our new homes this year… love this rounded edges island #greatfengshui

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