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Balancing Light and Fresh Air in Feng Shui

One of our listeners, Arni, posed an interesting question: “To prevent cats from coming into my house, is it better to keep the balcony doors closed and let sunlight come in through the windows, or should I have the shutters closed to keep out the sun but allow fresh air to enter?” Her dilemma highlights the conflict between the desire to keep cats out and the benefits of natural light and fresh air. Let’s go deeper into this issue and explore how we can achieve the best of both worlds.

Highlights of the episode…

– Balancing yin and yang energies in the home is important for creating a harmonious space.

– Sunlight brings yang energy and is beneficial for energizing and uplifting the space.

– Fresh air can be brought in through a window while keeping the balcony doors closed to prevent cats from entering


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