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Be Your MOST Creative Self using Feng Shui

How to be your most creative self using Feng Shui?. Well, your creative expression is absolutely everything. It is how you dress in the morning, how you set up your home, how you do your work. We are all creative beings.

 I’m going to go through some aspects that may be overlooked or that you may not have thought of that could be blocking your creativity and your self expression and hopefully you’ll be ignited with passion and a fire in your belly to start expressing and creating even more.



So for so many years, I did not think I was creative. I grew up in a house where I had a sister who was super artistic and I just thought well she’s the artist, I’m just me and I’m not creative. Little did I know that when I really dive into what creativity is, it is literally everything about you. Every single one of us is a creative expression of ourselves, and what we wear, how we show up, what we do with ourselves, our work, everything can be creative, and it’s such a powerful thing for us to access. Oftentimes, you just put it to the side and box it off. 

Make Space For Creativity

If you want to start to be more creative, the most important thing is to make space for it. If you haven’t seen the videos that I did recently about activating and optimizing your creative space, I would highly recommend that because it’s important to make space for your creativity. You can’t just expect yourself, one day be like, Oh, I’m gonna be creative and not have any of the things that you need or the space in your life, so make space.

I remember, I just thought of one of my clients Kimberly. Kimberly was not at all creative when she signed up for our program. She actually wanted a promotion in the university she was working in and some abundance when she joined our program. Creativity was not on her radar, but as she moved around and started implementing the Feng Shui she actually decided that she was going to clear out this closet, literally a small closet and just clear it out and make it a kind of a creative space. She shared with us a few months later the image of this new cleared space and some of the paintings she had created. We were absolutely, like our whole community, we’re like wow, oh my god, that should be in a gallery. It was absolutely magnificent, the paintings that she was creating and she had never once painted in her whole life. She just had this kind of inkling, and she created the space for it. So she made the space and just got the equipment and then all of us sudden she’s like creating these masterpieces. We were really impressed.

Clear Your Desk

The next thing if you want more creativity just for example in your work, I would recommend actually clearing your desk. Clearing what’s in front of you, we need space mentally to be creative and I have to just tell you the total truth my creativity does not happen when I am sitting at my desk, when I am sitting at my computer. Creativity happens and the ideas come when I’m out walking, when I’m dancing down the road, when I’m singing, when I’m in nature, when I’m just not trying to be creative, but I’ve given myself personally some space to just be and that’s a really important aspect. I would definitely recommend to clear some space like physically in your office, in your workspace, clear some space in your diary just to be you know, it doesn’t have to be I’m going to sit here and be creative. It’s like I’m going to read a book or I’m going to, just follow the nudges of where you’re being brought and you’ll see what unfolds can be totally magical. 

Honestly in the last couple of weeks I’ve just spent a lot of time out in nature and that’s my favorite place when I’m to be creative because I just know when I’m moving, listen to music or just being out, watching and connected to nature it really tapped me into something that’s so powerful and amazing. What’s beautiful about that is the fact that we observe nature in the perfect rhythm of nature, it literally is exactly what we are doing in Feng Shui. I have many videos on Feng Shui and the five elements and How Feng Shui works. 

Literally I often say to people, imagine you’re outside in the perfect place in nature that you love, whether it’s by a beach or in the field and everything is just just perfect. The sea if you’re thinking of the beach and the waves coming in as this is a perfect rhythm. It’s all just working coherently together effortlessly. That is what we do when we Feng Shui homes. That is essentially what the whole idea of Feng Shui is. It’s like bringing and making our homes that coherent balanced nature, that everything is flowing, flowing effortlessly, joyously, all aspects including our creativity, just like what happened to Kimberly, it’s just this flow of like, I’m being guided to this, and then that unfolded. 

Sometimes we may feel a little bit blocked creatively and my invitation even if you do have to sit at your desk and work and you’re waiting for ideas or looking for things to come in. I would open your windows, bring fresh air in, open up all the blinds, bring light in, bring fresh air in, bring nature in. Get some plants, some flowers, some color, and that will just kind of create and twist and shift your brain to bring in that more creativity. 

Move or Remove 27 Things

My last tip is the invitation to move or remove 27 things. As I said, when I am getting my creativity on I’m often moving my body. I love dancing, singing, and all kinds of exercise. Once I’ve done that, then I’m just like, “Oh, here’s an idea”. So the idea of the Feng Shui aspect and kind of the mirror of Feng Shui is literally going around your house and moving 27 things. You don’t have to move 27 things, it’s just a fun number. It’s an auspicious number that we use in Feng Shui. Just move and you’ll start to feel a shift, you will be moving your body as you move the things, they will be moving and you’ll see a little shift. Just shake things up a little bit. You can always create some affirmations around creating and expressing yourself for sure and bring them into your area as well. You may have heard the video I made about getting your promotion, there’s an affirmation that I use that “I work on a job I truly enjoy doing. Working with people I love, who love me expressing my creative talents daily” and then I added getting really well paid for it. 

So expressing your creative talents daily was something that I really wants to do and you know it’s so fun that now in my career, I literally get to express myself creatively all the day because that’s like I’m just an ideas person and I asked for this role not even knowing it was connected to Feng Shui or anything but it was like I worked doing something that expresses my creative channel like talents and that creativity every day. The ideas and putting things together is really that flow, it’s definitely a great idea to pop an affirmation about. I express myself creatively every day, I get opportunities to, I’m asked to express myself creatively and tap into my creative power really easily. I find opportunities to tap into my creative power easily. Taking notes of those, journaling that and really allowing yourself to anchor that in as well is really beneficial. 

If you’ve enjoyed this and you want to see how I have turned and express myself creatively in my own home with colors and artwork and setting up our home of best practices of Feng Shui. You can come and check out our free Feng Shui mini course that I created. This is a great opportunity to have a walk around of an actual Feng Shui consultant’s home and the best practices, the do’s and the don’ts. It’s a good foundation in Feng Shui to get started, I hope that you’d like to check that out, we’ve had so many clients express and become more creative in their Feng Shui.

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