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Breaking Out of Her Comfort Zone: Lucy’s Journey at Live Your Dreams Awake Event

Live your Dreams Awake –

It is really understandable that when you embark on some kind of new journey, some family members will show some resistance and will not give you their support. This is what one of the members of the Power House Program, Michelle, experienced and what brought her to send in her question to Patricia.


Family members can be like this because all these resistances can come from a place of fear. You’ll just have to continue what you are doing especially when you are already seeing positive results.


Listen to this episode to help you delve deeper and think about the bigger picture.


Highlights of the episode… 

– Patricia read the question from Michelle.

– Listeners to the podcast are guided.

– Patricia’s response to Michelle’s question.

– Who else benefits when you feng shui your home?

– Story about Dierdre and her sisters joining the program.

– Other stories of ripple effects in the families of those who joined the program.



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