spotted this meme today & had to laugh sooo hard..

Can you guess which one is me?

Hint hint – I’m a Leo 🦁


So yesterday when I was in Athens Airport

And spotted these babies as an ‘early birthday’ present to me…

Omg I’m in love…

it’s stinking hot

I still want to wear them…

Is that weird???

Sooo me..,

I do love personality tests…

A couple of weeks ago – I shared this cool tool with my clients..

The five love languages test…

click here to do yours (I also highly recommend the book)

When my test results came in :
Receiving Gifts right at the top…

I love giving gifts (soooo of course you give what you want to get)

Which Is soooo in alignment with my month long birthday… 🤣

Next week – I’m planning a party ‘virtually’ with lots of fun, freebies and Feng Shui 🎉💃🎊🙏🤩

I hope you will join me.. keep your eyes peeled for the deets..

Do the test & share with me your top love language.. did it make sense??





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