No Self-Flagellation Here…

I still haven’t mastered this fully myself. And... It's okay. I’m sitting at my best friends kitchen table, there is an unusual blue sky outside (I’m in Galway - back home). A couple of my friends here are all training for the Cork marathon in a couple of weeks time. No pressure here. I’ve ticked that [...]

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A Froggy Encounter (Non-Prince Charming )

I’m heading to Ireland much earlier than planned (ssshhh don’t tell my mum it’s a surprise). I was packing my suitcase (again). I’m rocking out to Chic. The scene was messy. Clothes scattered everywhere. Sorting the Hell Yes's it has to come with me to the Oooooh defo time to say bye bye to those [...]

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A very scary & profound experience!

Sooo scary, I’ll never be the same again... Yesterday, I picked up an extension cord that was plugged in & on. Suddenly - I’m screaming as the electrical current raced through my body. I was being electrocuted. I couldn’t get it off. It wouldn’t stop. Nobody was coming to help as it continued to pulse [...]

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What my scooter taught me….

I love riding a scooter I mean reallllyyyyyy LOVE it, Being on a scooter gives me such a feeling of freedom Our scooter guy (Ketut) brought us scooters this time. I got a small, old one…. A really old one, lots of things didn’t really work. (I usually have a sparkly new bike) I [...]

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What a week!

Hello hello! What a week we had last week! Two weeks ago, we welcomed a group of wonderful women who joined me in the tropical paradise for a week of self care, nourishment, diving deep into dreams, washing away limiting beliefs & old stories. We had a magical week, Mama Bali did not disappoint. (If you [...]

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When you shhhhh that inner voice….

I hardly know what day it is… Last week I stepped sooo out of my comfort zone I’m still recovering (and wondering did that just happen) I followed my intuition to host my very own media event for my book which lined up perfectly with the Chinese New Year. Create my own stage for the [...]

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OMG! I shared the stage with Serena Williams….

Happy St Bridget’s Day!  What’s an exciting time - it’s ‘officially’ the start of spring - called ‘imbolc’ in pagan mythology I LOVE how it aligns with the Chinese New Year coming on Tuesday! A powerful time for starting NEW & fresh things! If you missed my training about the energies coming in click here [...]

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