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I bought my childhood home from my parents. The moment they left the house and moved to Florida, they became MUCH happier. The old house was not supportive for them, and it turned out it wasn’t for me either.

It was clearly bad for money because right before I got the house, a tree fell on it. I can’t make this up. The air conditioning just died, too. So like, there was a $20,000 damage even before I moved in. I joined the course in hopes I’ll manage to fix the bad vibes of this place and make it into a real home. Since then, some crazy things happened: I got a much better paying job. I went to Galapagos. My main income more than doubled for sure… it just keeps growing and growing, it’s amazing.

Patricia teaches you how to do things on the cheap — you’ll  be able to Feng Shui your house on a shoestring budget which is awesome. I know because I did it.