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Convince Your Partner to Embrace Feng Shui

Today we are talking about how to convince your partner to embrace Feng Shui. I truly believe that there are many things that bring us to really call it what it is that we want in our lives, so we have to work on our span of control (i.e, our mindset, our actions, and our physical environment). Our home is often seen as the one roadblock that is oftentimes misunderstood and totally neglected. It can be a blind sight for a lot of people that don’t realize it’s their home that’s actually sabotaging their growth and their potential.



So, when it comes to embracing Feng Shui when your partner may not be supportive or may not understand, my answer is this:

#1: You have to trust that you found me and that you found this work of Feng Shui that you’ve been called to for a reason.

Feng Shui is a 5,000 year old practice. It is something that is used in huge global corporations all over the world. Did you know that every Whole Foods in America is Feng Shui’d? So, if they’re going to be Feng Shui-ing their premises, we want to take notes because their main goal is providing great food and amazing healthy alternatives. It’s also about profit and prosperity. So if these companies are doing it, we also can have the opportunity to do it.

You’re here for a reason and you have to trust that calling. You have this opportunity and that’s why I see Feng Shui as: a big, beautiful opportunity that could skyrocket you to success.

#2: Be the change you want to see in the world.

You have to take responsibility for your stuff, and your physical environment. I don’t declutter any of my husband’s stuff, I just focus on what I can control. For example, my office is fully Feng Shui’d and so is everything in my space. I’m lucky enough that my husband is also a Feng Shui consultant.

But if my partner was not into it, I wouldn’t force it at all. Oftentimes, they have to see the change for themselves. But if you start to do the work yourself and start to embrace it, take action on my videos and my trainings, they might say, “Oh, you’re in a better mood”. “Oh, you changed your office. It starts to feel better.”

#3 Stand in Your Power

We’re in a space where the divine feminine is coming more into their power. This is an invitation for you to stand in your power. So if this home is yours and his or hers, you have to be like “Hey, wait a minute. Part of this is mine and I’m really feeling this”. There is an activation of a power inside of you that really needs to pull up and connect with & start to say “I’m gonna do this.”
When you do that, it can change the energy, a lot. I’ve seen this so many times in my clients where they say, “Look, I know you don’t get it. I know you don’t understand. I know this may seem totally crazy for you, but please trust me. Please just let me do my thing. I’m not going to interfere with your stuff, I’m just going to do my thing. And you can see the changes and then hopefully you’ll start to embrace it in the future.”

When this has happened with my clients, it has been groundbreaking. And what I have noticed as part of all of this is that it is not the woman who embraces Feng Shui that gets the immediate wins. We have countless examples of husbands getting a promotion, new jobs, company cars, windfalls of money. A lady whose son was like “Oh my God, Mom and her Feng Shui. He won $67,000 a few weeks after she started implementing the Feng Shui. Now, he’s just like “Hey Mom, what’s that Feng Shui stuff? Keep doing what you’re doing.” It’s really about us honoring and trusting what we’re being called to do & taking that action ourselves.

Start Your Feng Shui Journey

I have an incredible guide for you that is a checklist that’s going to show you room by room what exactly you can be doing to improve the flow of energy & activate Feng Shui in your home. This guide and checklist is usually just for my clients so you’re in luck that you’ll be able to get it as a gift from me. You can grab that guide at The guide will move you through every single room to Feng Shui your space and get that flow of all the things that you want coming into your life. Easy peasy.

I hope this has been helpful and you take action. Move through all the videos. I would love for you to share your big “aha” moments. Are you going to take action on it? What do you need to do?