Dawn Del Vecchio - Patricia Lohan | Feng Shui Expert
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Before I met Patricia, I spent a fortune on coaching programs on Business & Personal Development — to no avail.

We were three years in our “new” house, and it wasn’t going as smoothly as I hoped for. I was slogging away at my copywriting job. When I did have a client for my transformational side work, we couldn’t implement anything. I felt guilty because with all the money spent on self-development — I was supposed to have the tools, right? With nothing else to lose, I hired Patricia to take a look around my house. She detected the problem immediately and made the implementations. It was a huge game changer that the income has increased. More money, more happiness!

If Patricia is in your field of awareness… If Patricia is on your path right now, please don’t ignore this. If there’s something you’re struggling within your life, you’ve got to change the environment you’re in.