Hey there,

Wanna shake things up in the next 6 weeks?

I was chatting to a friend today & telling her about the best experience – I had with a new 1:1 client yesterday.

Her response :

Ohh you do 1:1?

Do people even know that you do 1:1?

Fast Track Feng Shui?

Ooooppss –

I forgot to mention it *faceplam*

Yes I do.


But I know some people who –
Don’t wanna do a course
Do want insane results
Do wanna be told exactly what to do & what to put where
Do want to be handed the list of what they need & the links to where to get what they need.

If this sounds like you then…

I’m offering a rare & exclusive 1:1 experience for clients who are ready to fast track success.

Like aching-down-to-the-bone-ready, but finding themselves lacking time, energy & focus to do a course and stuck in overwhelm not knowing where to start.

I’ve got you covered.

I’ll show you exactly how I implement annnd get my results (and I like things done yesterday!)

Simply reply “yes, I want to hear more” and I’ll personally email you about the juicy new offer I’m working on.

Fast Track Feng Shui love,






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