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Do’s and Don’ts in the Abundance & Money Area

Today we’re talking about the Do’s and Don’ts of the money area. Yes, you have a money area and you’ve probably heard in the past, lots of different things about: What to do?, What not to do?, Where it is? and How to set it all up?. I am going to dive a little bit deeper in the Do’s and also reflect on the Don’ts and help you to get clear on this energy of prosperity and abundance. 


Good Health and Good Harvest

Feng Shui actually translates to good health and good harvest. This is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years around the world and it is still growing in popularity, why? because it works. What people, and what we all want in our lives is good health. We want everyone in our homes to be healthy and vibrant. We also want a good harvest, we want to be able to reap the seed that we’ve sown and to really create abundance in our lives. The entire practice of Feng Shui is all about that, its fundamental underlying principles are around health and wealth. Ultimately, when they say you have wealth and health it means you have a happy life. 

SE Area of Your Home

The prosperity area is the southeast part of your home, you can use a compass. There are different schools of Feng Shui. The Feng Shui school that I practice at is the Classical Flying Stars, which says that every house is totally unique. It has its own energy imprint, just like a person. So we’re totally unique, you and I are completely different and we have our own energy, our own vibrancy and so does your home. The essence of that is where we look at the energy of each area which is the prosperity area is the southeast part of your home. So you can be able to get a compass out and find that area and check out the video about setting it up.

(If you want to know  how to find and set up your prosperity areas, watch my video: Your MONEY Corner – The SE Area of Your Home)

The main thing that I say to people about prosperity and the money area is to make sure that: 

  • There’s nothing broken in that area
  • It is clear of clutter, and 
  • The tricky thing is some people may discover that their prosperity area is the laundry room, or the children’s playroom, or their messy teenage bedroom. You’re like “Oh my God, my prosperity is doomed” and I would say to you don’t panic

There’s so many layers to Feng Shui that having the perfect prosperity area is not the be all and end all. There are really a lot of underlying principles of Feng Shui that are often misunderstood and not translated fully into for people to understand how it really works. 

Money Locks and House Types

So I have created a Feng Shui mini course where I talk a lot more in detail about the nine areas, the prosperity area but also about things like money locks. Your house could go into a time or money just freezes like really hard and then it’s not about how hard you work or the amount of effort you’re putting in to generate money. It’s actually your house is just totally sabotaging this and that can be totally separate so you can learn about money locks and could also be your house type that will be impacting your prosperity. So there’s a lot of nuances with Feng Shui that we can work on. That has nothing to do with the prosperity area. 

Things to Do in your SE Area

If you found your prosperity area and it’s not in a place that you can create a beautiful prosperity altar or area, don’t panic. What I would encourage you to do is to: 

  • Get rid of broken things, 
  • Declutter it, and 
  • Do your best with it. 

Your southeast area may be your living room and maybe that is a place where you could have a small table and create a little altar of acknowledgement and gratitude for abundance for anchor in the energy of infinite abundance. 

For example: You could have a small bowl with coins overflowing in it. Every time you see it you’re like, “Oh my god, there’s always more money. I’m anchoring in an infinite supply of abundance and I’m trusting the universe the spirit God has got my back from this infinite supply.” The prosperity area and even your home make sure to keep it clean, keep it neat, and keep it tidy. 

The other things that people would often talk about with setting up the prosperity altar area is things that represent wealth and abundance. It could be:

  • Artwork
  • Plants
  • Something that feels growth, expansive, and makes you feel wealthy. 

Everybody is very unique and that’s where you can have some fun with it. You could really connect with what makes you feel supported, abundant, and enriched in your prosperity area. 

The Don’t

The real Don’t is don’t worry. As I said there’s so many layers in Feng Shui, just find your prosperity area, watch the video on setting up your prosperity area and have some fun. 

Around your home there are other opportunities that could be impacting the wealth and that will be:

  • Dripping taps – Draining, dripping away, get those things fixed. 
  • Fix anything that’s broken – move around your home and see if there’s things that just like deplete, cracked, and not working. That’s all depleting your energy.
  • Front door – make sure that the front door is easy to open so that the money energy can come in.

If you’ve enjoyed this and you want to learn more, I would recommend checking out the free Feng Shui mini course. Behind the scenes of my own house, to learn more about Feng Shui. How you can start it and learn more about those different factors that actually affect homes that are not talked about: money locks, house types, and shapes of houses. It’s a beautiful, complex subject and I’m here to make it a lot easier. 

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