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Easy Feng Shui Fixes for your Home

Easy fixes for Feng Shui, I’m going to share some common fixes or common mistakes that people make around their home that are literally impacting their Feng Shui, their energy, their enthusiasm for life, but also it could be impacting your finances, your health or your career, all aspects. It’s a very very easy practice.


Buying Things For The Sake Of Buying Them

The first thing that I say to people especially when it comes to Feng Shui is buying things for the sake of buying them. Honestly, I am really really really slow at bringing things into my home. If you think about your house, I often think it’s almost like a person. If you feed yourself junk food, you’re gonna feel really crappy, no energy, no vibrancy and be totally gross. But if you start to take supplements, eat healthy fruit and vegetables, and nourish your body with lovely healthy food, it feels good. It’s the exact same thing with your house. So be really mindful, like when you’re out shopping. Do I love this? Does it make me feel really good? Do I actually really need it? Most of my journey with my clients is helping them declutter things. That’s when kind of the other flip side is that you don’t have to declutter as much if you don’t buy as much, or you only buy things that have longevity, have a real investment quality. So rather than buying 10 things, buy one good thing. And this was a lady at the gym I spoke to and she said she was going to buy her daughter a gift from Hermes and I said, “Wow, that’s a lovely gift”. She said, “Well, I just don’t want to buy her 10 crap gifts, I’ll just get her one good one”. Think about that lady, you don’t have to buy Hermes but make sure that the things that you bring in are going to be there for a long time, that you’re going to use and love, rather than they’re going to get discarded because that is where clutter builds up and then you create more stagnant energy. 

This brings us onto the flip side of this is common mistakes is people do think that Feng Shui is just about decluttering and honestly your house could be bad Feng Shui even if it was empty, like it was no furniture it still be bad Feng Shui because it’s not about the physical environment about what’s in the place, even though it does impacted. It’s not necessarily a contributor to the Feng Shui per se, but I definitely recommend making sure you keep the place as clean and as organized as possible. If you don’t bring in things you won’t accumulate clutter, it’d be much easier to maintain.

Photos In The Bedroom

Another big one that I see that people don’t even realize and kind of do without thinking is photos in the bedroom. I have gone to so many houses and seen so many houses that have photos of friends, grandparents, children in the bedroom, and let’s just say, do you want them watching you while you’re in bed? No. So my big piece of advice is just eliminate any pictures of anybody except you and your partner or pictures of the type of relationship that you want in your bedroom. From there, just a one over in the bedroom is not having pictures over your bed or imagery, artwork over your bed, it can just leave you in that place of like oh it might fall down over my head and hurt yourself. And also the artwork impacts your sleep, your dreams, and your energy. So we say no to pictures over the bed.

A Mirror Facing You Is Not Ideal

The next common mistake I see and you know, hopefully you’ll take this wisdom and do the best you can. If you don’t like it, don’t have to do it. It’s okay. I’m not the Feng Shui police. I’m not going to come to your house and start pulling things down or changing things around. But what I will say is that if you open your front door and you see a mirror facing this front door literally directly. It’s okay if mirrors on the side but facing you in is not ideal. So essentially the energy wants to come in and it wants to move around the house but the mirror is pushing it right back out again. So all the effort that you may have done at your front door to bring it in pushing it back so no mirrors at the front door.

Being Burnt Out

Two teeny tiny ones that are actually huge, the first one is the light bulbs in your home. If they’re burning out especially if they’re burning out regularly it can represent being burnt out like literally being burnt out and exhausted. Not replacing them, It’s just kind of even like you’re not just nurturing your home and looking after yourself. So be mindful if your house is talking to you burns like burnt out light bulbs, replace them but also watch and see because it’s also a sign to look after yourself.

Fixing Leaks

The final one is fixing leaks. Your house is talking to you all the time. Even if you’re not listening, It’s talking to you. If there’s drips, you’re being drained, money is dripping away it is leaving. If light bulbs are burning, you’re being burned out. If your house is a mess, you’re overwhelmed, literally it just mirrors. If you feel calm, you’ll ultimately want your house to feel calm and balanced. 

So please take action on some of those tips today and keep them in mind. Take action quickly when you see something dripping or something broken or something not working because it’s definitely impacting your energy. 

I’m so grateful to have you here and if you enjoyed this guidance, you would really really enjoy my free Feng Shui checklist. This is a checklist that guides you through every single room of your home and gives you step by step things that you can do in every room to improve the energy and amplify it and turn your house into a powerhouse. So you can get that at patricialohan.com/checklist and I can’t wait for you to download and start taking action. 

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