We are moving to Greece…

We have been in Bali for the past few months & it’s been the BEST place for this entire situation.

I got in here at the skin of my teeth (last day the airport closed)

The visa situation just changed new announcements this week (we have been in visa limbo)

While here

I realised a few things –

I miss the sea – we are in Ubud in the jungle.

I miss swimming everyday in the Ocean.
It feeds my soul sooo much.


So while visiting the beach here a few days ago we decided let’s just go..

I found a dreamy house on our favourite island with a fab ocean view terrace to work from (better time zones for calls) called the St Tropez of Greece – as all the super yachts stop there.

So we are doing it

Flying out the night of my birthday – 5 days in Athens to connect in with the phenomenal ancient energies at the acropolis.

Where I had so many past life flashbacks while there the last time.
then onto Keflonia for 3 months… or more.. ??

We will have Christmas in our lovely house in Ireland…

Ticking off all the boxes of the dream life I want.

Even if it doesn’t make sense to others 🤣

One of my core values is freedom.

Honouring that value has been tricky at times…
as others don’t have the same values as me..

and question my decisions & constant transitions.

My mum always said when I was a child I’d sniff out a trip before it would be mentioned & have my coat on ready to go..

This is what feeds me & my dream life may be totally different to your one – and that’s fine actually that’s BRILLIANT as we are all totally unique.

Creating this freedom life has taken a while and effort –

as for years & years I got really really lost amongst the crowd doing ‘what I was supposed to do’

I’m a black sheep
My decisions may not make sense to some
But they do to me.

Pulling away from the norm can be soooo hard at times but if it fills your soul it’s nobody else’s business.

I gave up drinking for six months and a ‘friend’ told me I wasn’t fun anymore…. (A bit mean ehh?)

Being true to you is soo important…

For years I thought I needed to find the one place that ticked all the boxes… but when I clicked freedom was a core value it made sense that one place was never going to fulfill the value of Freedom.

I can go to each place I love and have an injection of its magic for a few months then onto our next one.

This feels soo good as we create home bases in each place.

Do you know your core values?
Are you aligned with them?
Do you find it hard to do what feels good for you??

As I type this I’m thinking it could be fun to do a how to find your core values podcast episode?

Hit reply & let me know if you’d be interested in it?





P.s. I was featured in this podcast last year – it was so fun being interviewed by Emi from a Tribe of leaders you can listen here!

P.S. if you haven’t got around to applying to work with me 1:1 you can do here (since I’ll be in Europe it’s gonna be easier for me to do these)


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