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Feel Empowered to Attract Your Dream Life

We’re talking about resistance to Feng Shui. Now, maybe you have heard something about what Feng Shui is in the past. I’m coming to bust a few myths and also to help you release what may be blocking you from really embracing the power of  Feng Shui and the power of the energy of your home. So what is beneath your toes, over your head this force field of energy that is your home that you spend the most amount of time in, is impacting you, your life, your bank account, your relationships, and it can be playing havoc, or it can be creating really amazing, amazing results in your life.



A lot of people find Feng Shui at a time in their lives that something isn’t moving the way that they want. It’s not in flow and they’re looking for something to help them move into the next level. It is normal to have resistance because you know everything we bring into our homes we usually love there it’s attached to some person or item or memory and our home is our sacred place. So changing or wanting to tweak or make changes can feel uncomfortable. And actually, you know, some people are more comfortable in the discomfort because it’s what you know, and that’s what I see. When people start into the journey where the resistance comes up. It’s basically because the unknown is scary. It is scary and it’s natural to be a little bit nervous and a little bit uncertain of embracing something that is kind of that you’ve never done before. You know when you start something new, it’s a little bit scary. 

I would recommend just taking first a deep breath and trust that you’ve been guided here to this training to embrace and I would say like your home is nudging you saying there’s something a bit off, but if you do some Feng Shui it’s gonna make a difference. If you’ve been setting intentions, creating vision boards, putting out into the world what it is that you want to call into your life and into your business, the Feng Shui can really help you with that. But sometimes we just don’t see and we’re trying to figure out, figure it all out, what is it? Just take this as a nudge to the universe saying you know your house could do it some balancing and just let go of any of the fear, let go of any of the resistance and trust, because what you resist persists. 

So honestly, you’ll get the messages over and over and over again. Like you’ll get that sign again and we’ll come again and we’ll come again. And finally it’ll be like okay, I’m gonna do it. So just, you know, What you resist persists. So get released, allow it to just melt away. And what I would really invite you to think about is what do you want to see in your life? What’s your bigger vision? Things happening in your life would make things just like, make you feel more relaxed, make you feel happier, make you feel more joyous? Does it make you feel more comfortable and safe and secure? Because that’s really what we are doing when we Feng Shui our homes. We’re making our home this beautiful support, this energetic support that has your back, knowing that your home is balanced and harmonized is then supporting you with this bigger vision bringing you towards it. Then think about what if it does work? The power of this process is so potent and we’ve seen so many transformational results. You have to release the resistance, trust the process and know that we are being guided all the time and that you’ve been guided here and trust that you know your home has huge potential to support you and it’s just not doing it right now.

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So I hope that you’ve enjoyed this just a little bit of a nudge around the idea of Feng Shui and how you know resistance can be present and the more that we acknowledge it, see it, and let it go, the easier it is for us to see amazing results in our lives by following those gentle whispers that we’re getting.

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