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Feng Shui and Artwork

If you’re trying to Feng Shui home, artwork is a great place to start. Art is a popular topic in the Feng Shui world: Feng Shui and artwork are very much interlinked.

I often teach big, long classes in my Powerhouse Program, but I want to give you some basic tips and tricks to get you started now. I can’t wait to share more with you.

For simplicity’s sake, I want to focus on three ways you can implement Feng Shui and artwork into your home: (1) creating a vision board from your walls, (2) purposely choosing the images of your artwork, and (3) noticing the feelings you have when you look at or walk by your art.



Artwork can be very powerful in your home. It sets the mood of the room, sparks emotion in you, and inspires you to live your dreams awake. I encourage you to do a real assessment of the art in your home to make sure it aligns with the life you want.

Make a Vision Board Out of Your Walls

Your home should be reflective of the life you want, and you can make a vision board out of your walls to call in the life you want!

Two questions:

First, think about what you want and like.
Second, how do you want to connect to the artwork in your home?

The importance behind the artwork in your home is the fact that your house can become a vision board for your future. Yes, think about that. We all know and have heard about the power of vision boards. Use the walls of your home to anchor in your dreams and your intentions of what it is that you want.

Action Step: Get a pen and paper out and start journaling what you want. Then, walk around your house as it is right now. Look at every single piece of art.

What does it say about you and your intentions for your future?
Are the pictures a little bit dull, sour, sorrowful, sad, and turbulent?
What do you feel when you look at each one of the pictures on your walls?

Hint: Your artwork may be mirroring something back in your life of what’s going on right now.

Let me tell you a story —

I had a client with a big picture of a storm in her family room. When she joined my program she did the exact exercise I’m sharing with you and realized that this storm had been there since she’d moved in. She had a turbulent relationship with her family and noticed that her family relationships were similar to the storm in the picture. She got rid of the piece of art and was instantly completely surprised by the shift of energy with all the relationships in her family.

Choose art that is the vision that you want for your life.

Focus on the Content of the Art

There are some basic dos and don’ts around your art’s content.

This is what you DO NOT want in your art:

  • turbulent water
  • stormy, rocky weather
  • pictures hanging over your head (especially in the bedroom)

This is what you DO want in your art:

  • uplifting growth
  • happiness
  • joy
  • success
  • picture of a couple that represents the kind of relationship that you want (for the bedroom)

Let me tell you another story —

A couple of years ago I was redecorating my bedroom. It was the first time I’ve really redecorated our master bedroom and at the end of our bed, there’s the perfect space for a painting. I said to Ken, “I’m going to get a beautiful picture of a couple because I want to affirm our relationship.” a

I found this beautiful painting of this couple, and it was a woman leaning up to a man, and she had a beautiful red coat. Her red coat was identical to a red coat that I actually owned and it reminded me of my first date with Ken. This was a really positive start to our relationship, so I hung it up on the wall not thinking anything about it. I love my new room and my friend came to visit, so I was showing her my new room.

My friend said, “Oh my god, look at the painting: look at Marley.” I looked at the picture and noticed the woman with a little dog on a leash. A few weeks after I had put that picture up I ended up getting a dog that was identical to this little dog that was in the picture with the same curly tail.

That was huge for me, and I’ve seen it time and time again for my clients when they put images up that they really want to call in. They see their wants unfold, but also be aware of things you don’t see in the artwork. I didn’t see the little dog, and I ended up with the little dog because subconsciously it had been fed into my brain, every single day.

Notice How Your Art is Affecting You

Think about the position of your art. Don’t have pictures above your head. I once had a client who had a big galloping horse image over her bed. I asked,” Is your brain racing at night?” She said, “How did you know?” I said well there’s a horse racing over your head so, obviously, this is the energy of racing overhead.

I want you to see how each piece of art inspires you. How does it make you feel?

Look at the art in your home – today’s task!

I created a Feng Shui checklist so you can assess the art in your home. This checklist gives you ideas of everything that you can look at and identify in your home – room by room – to improve the flow of energy in your home.

Get the checklist here.