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Feng Shui and Astrology

We were talking about how Feng Shui and astrology work together. If you saw my video about how to manifest anything that you want, you may have heard that I talked a little bit about how in my old job years ago I actually met my first astrologer. She told me a little bit about astrology, and I really have been hooked ever since.


That was in my 20s and I learned about Feng Shui when I was 15 and my first book about Feng Shui when I was 15. I love astrology and you may be thinking,
“Oh, astrology that’s like the back of the magazines with the horoscopes” that’s what it is and that’s cool if that’s something that you connect with, totally amazing. Like, read your horoscopes. 

I don’t actually read my horoscopes and you’re like, “How does someone who’s into astrology not read her horoscope?” Well, because I work with a dedicated astrologer who actually maps out an analysis from the year and the time that I was born and it really tells me about like the plan for not the plan for my life, but the big dominant energies that are flowing in my life and a different periods and cycles of life. 

Now, Feng Shui is literally like astrology for your home. So when I work with my astrologer, he has my date of birth. He does this calculation with all this analysis. I’m gonna look at this chart and tell me like well, Patricia, your career area is highlighted with this sign. This is a really good time for money, this is a great time for a career. This is a you know, for families, something’s going to come up around this.

When we work with somebody to Feng Shui their home, they actually send us lots of information about their home, such as photos and then maybe a floor plan. They also send the year that the house is built because the year the house is built is the year that the house takes in, takes its last breath basically. So when I go to the astrologer, it’s like the first breath we take in astrology reading. In our houses we take the last time the sun was captured in the energy of the house and that’s what we base our calculations on. 

Some people think that Feng Shui is all about moving furniture, changing things, decorating, becoming a minimalist, decluttering everything, hanging weird frogs or little trinkets around your house, not at all. Those things are almost like the horoscope type of Feng Shui so they’re kind of like oh, the horoscopes. Okay, that’s like fast food Feng Shui. The horoscope is like “oh yeah, that’s a little tiny thing”. How could this tiny horoscope on the paper, this tiny snippet describe me in full? not at all. When I work with my astrologer I have long sessions and we talk, we’ve worked together for years and the same goes for our house. So when we analyze someone’s house, we create this chart and it will tell us the dominant energies that are flowing through your home. It will tell us what is going on in terms of your relationship, your health, your career, your finances, your family and community, your fame and reputation. It will also tell you about your propensity for travel and expansion. All of those aspects are basically energies in your home. And the thing is when we as a person, bring our own personal astrology chart into a house, the energies of the house will start to dictate and start to impact our lives. So when someone comes to me and we do this analysis and this astrology, basically Feng Shui, a chart for the person’s house, I can see when there’s going to be more difficulty for wealth?. When there’s going to be more issues around career, family or relationship?. When there’s going to be huge opportunities for fame, or opportunities for calling in romance? and what we want to do is optimize them. 

So what I find when I’m working with an astrologer, and I’ve done it for like, oh my god, maybe nine years, actually my first astrologer, I knew maybe like 15 or 16 years ago, and I’ve been working full time like like every year maybe nine years now I’m with him. And when we work together, we literally start to talk about the dominant things that need to be addressed that are coming up for me, and in the year it’s exactly the same with Feng Shui we look at every year. The cycle changes and there’s little adjustments to be made to make sure that the energy of the home is supporting my client or supporting you as best you can. The astrology insights really dictate for you, your propensity. I often see there’s a synergy between the energies that the astrology and the house and it’s like it’s a match. 

If you haven’t done your personal development, say around relationships, you know and you want to call in love you may haven’t done any work around it and you’re not It’s not like highlighted in your chart. You may be attracted to a house that is not supportive of relationships, or you may be attracted in terms of prosperity and abundance house that is not going to be supported for abundance. Now everything here you’re like “oh not supported for abundance. It’s not supported for money, not supported for love and marriage”. Don’t worry because the thing about Feng Shui actually the best part is everything is fixable, what we have to do is about having the awareness and that’s what I love about the astrology is when I work on my astrologer I have an awareness and I’m not like “ooh, this you know, Patricia you’re meant to work on this”. I’m not totally stuck over things like “what the hell has just happened in my life?” because I’m kind of semi prepared. The same goes for our houses, when we Feng Shui someone’s house we are literally optimizing the energies and working with them as opposed to against them. That is when our houses tap into universal flow. When we start tapping into this flow. That’s when things start to move and people start to call in the abundance, the love, the success, the opportunities, but they can only kind of dream up in their wildest dreams of what I’ve seen with so many of my clients. 

As you can know I’m super passionate about both of these topics. I would love to know, do you know your astrology? Have you ever done it? And does this make sense for you around this integration of astrology and Feng Shui?. When we do it if you’ve had your birth chart done for your astrology you may understand Feng Shui a little bit better because we are doing our birth chart for your home. When we do the birth chart for your home we literally then give you recommendations like acupuncture to make sure that everything in your home is balanced and aligned to support you 100%. 

I have an incredible guide for you that is a checklist that’s going to show you room by room. What exactly you can be doing to improve the flow of energy and activate Feng Shui in your home. This guide and checklist is usually just for my clients, you’re in luck that you’ll be able to get it as a gift from me. You can grab that guide at patricialohan.com/checklist that will move you through every single room to Feng Shui your space and get that flow of all the things that you want coming into your life.

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Feng Shui Checklist