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Feng Shui and Mirrors: Dos and Don’ts

Feng Shui and Mirrors: Dos and Don’ts

If there’s one area of Feng Shui that I want to demystify, it’s mirrors. Mirrors are incredibly powerful and when we’re talking about Feng Shui, we need to be quite careful about where we place mirrors, how to adjust what a mirror is reflecting, and learn how to use mirrors to amplify the good energy of our home.

Mirrors have a bit of a reputation, both related to Feng Shui and totally on their own! So before we jump into the dos and don’ts of mirrors, let’s clear up two of the most common questions I get about mirrors. 


Common Questions about Feng Shui and Mirrors

Are mirrors bad Feng Shui? 

Simply put: No, mirrors are not bad Feng Shui… but there are some placements of mirrors that can lead to bad Feng Shui. What I mean when I say “bad Feng Shui” is that your home is not set up to be as supportive as possible.You’re never “doomed” with bad Feng Shui no matter what type of home you live in. 

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Will breaking a mirror give me bad luck? 

This is a total myth and superstition that we definitely do not believe in. Feng Shui is not a superstitious practice. It is an ancient art that is 5000 years old and is used all over the world by Fortune 500s and everyday people to improve their relationships, their businesses, and their lives. If you break your mirror, don’t worry! It’s totally fine.

3 Do’s and Dont’s of Mirrors and Feng Shui

Let’s walk through the dos and don’ts of mirrors and Feng Shui: where to place mirrors, where to avoid mirrors, how to add function, and hopefully demystify a lot of things that you’ve heard about mirrors along the way.

Mirrors and the Front Door

Many people like to have a mirror near their front door for quick looks before heading out. This is totally fine. But you must be careful about where you place the mirror. 

Don’t place a mirror facing your front door.

A mirror facing the door is not good Feng Shui. Good energy that you’re attracting flows into your house through the front door. But if it is reflected in a mirror then all that goodness just flows right back out! That mirror says, “Oh, we don’t want you. Goodbye.” 

Now, if you have a mirror facing the front door and you can’t take the mirror down since you love it there so much or maybe you physically cannot remove it without wreaking havoc in your house, that’s okay. I am not the Feng Shui police. I will not come and take it down. In the meantime, do try putting some fresh flowers in front of the mirror or adding a decal to make it less reflective. 

Cracked and Distorted Mirrors

Cracked and distorted mirrors have to go! In Feng Shui, one of the first steps when you’re getting started with Feng Shui is to declutter and get rid of anything broken, old, unusable or no longer serving your purpose. Cracked and distorted mirrors fall into this category! They can distort your vision and your image of yourself, so try to avoid those types of mirrors. 

Reflecting What You Love

Mirrors are really powerful reflectors for duplicating the energy of what is in the mirror. For example, I have a mirror on the side of my kitchen and inside my living room that are positioned to reflect two paintings I have hanging on the walls: one is a big painting of New York and the word “Adventure” which are two very important things for my husband and me. The mirror doubles my paintings, which then amplifies what’s in the painting. 

Take a walk around your home and take notice of what your mirrors are reflecting and duplicating. Find what is being duplicated because you’re getting a good look at it in your home. So for example, if the mirror is doubling a beautiful bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Great, it’s twice the beautiful fresh flowers, it’s making a double. 

Real Life Example: 

One of my clients had a sign hanging in her home that said, “Never mind the dogs, it’s the kids.” It was meant to be a cute, jokey sign but one afternoon she moved the sign in such a way that, unbeknownst to her, a mirror created a duplication. Her kids started acting crazy! She was like, What the hell happened!? They were all calm and happy, and now all of a sudden I’m ripping my hair out! When she realized that the sign was being reflected… and DOUBLED…  she got rid of the sign altogether and the kids went back to their happy, harmonious selves. 

Make sure, like her, that you don’t have anything that is negative or amplifying what you don’t want. On the other hand, make sure that what it is duplicating is something that you want more of. Ask if your mirror is bringing in something that feels good. Do these things feel joyous, calm, or nurturing? Do they bring in something that’s hectic, and juggling something that doesn’t suit what you want? 

The Importance of Mirrors

The most important thing about mirrors is to just look at them and see what they are reflecting. Find out if they’re pushing something away, like if it is reflecting the energy back out from a front door. Or are they welcoming something positive in and doubling something that could be good. 

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